Conniption fits

Conniption Fits formed in January of 2010. We are ex members of Vile, Shot for Shot, Gadzooks, The Shiners, Maggot Mouth and Kimi is currently in another band, Shit Gets Smashed!

We play gritty anthemy streetpunk, we are the voice for those that have none. We speak out against the fucked up things that happen in our daily lives. The songs we play are focused mainly on social politics, the frustration of struggling in a country that is robbing its people blind in every way. We also sing about the most important things on a day to day basis for us- having integrity to who we are, the importance of TRUE friends that have your back no matter what, and the trials and tribulations that come with just trying to survive. We also have a lot of songs about getting drunk. Hey, life’s too short to be serious all the time! Sometimes ya just gotta party. And Conniption Fits definitely like to party. See ya at the show!

Tonight we're playing at the 2 Bit with a bunch of rad bands. Starts at 6pm and we're 3rd or 4th. This will be our only show for at least a couple months and our first since Feb, don't miss this.

Saturday we're playing an early slot at the 2 Bit Saloon. This is our first show since Feb and will be our only show for awhile after this, don't miss it!

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Conniption Fits has a show on 06/29/2013 at 06:00 PM @ 2 Bit Saloon in Seattle, WA Punk | Seattle, WA

Big, epic news! We are bringing together the original lineup for one show! June 29th with Noi!se, the Butchers and the Riffs at 2bit saloon! Really excited to play such a killer show!

Great news for a gorgeous day! We got us a new drummer! His name is Joel and he rules! Next up, we needs the leads guitar, then it's back to the rockin'!

Drummer needed for female fronted street punk

Hey, guys, we're still on the lookout for the next CF mega master drummer dude, and we have some really awesome possibilities for our replacement right now, but IF you'd like to tryout, get in touch with us soon, time is running out! CL > seattle > seattle > all community > musiciansReply [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best ofPosted: Drummer needed for female fronted street punk (Seattle) We are the Conniption Fits Listen to songs here http:...


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Playing epic shows for you!

Band Members

Jessie Vile -vocals
Brian Trashcan -drums
Kimi Cutthroat - guitar, backing vox
Brandon -guitar, backing vox
Micah Semi-Colon -bass, backing vox


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Rockin' Stan Records

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We are free agents.
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