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Two Women With Children By Same Man Start GoFundMe Account To Get Married

Two Women With Children By Same Man Start GoFundMe Account To Get Married❗️🚫❗️ As bizarre as the title may seem, these two women are apparently serious about taking their seemingly awkward relationship to the next level. Iquiriah Vessel and her fiancee, only identified as Lykeisha, have caused quite a …

Thug Who Raped & Executed Iraq Vet’s Wife, Just Got SHOCKING Dose Of Justice He Didn’t See Coming A young twenty-seven-year-old man named Kesaun Sykes was just sentenced to death for savagely murdering a veteran of the Iraq war and his wife. The case stems from almost ten years ago in 2008. Sykes and three accomplices broke into the home of Iraq veteran Jan Pietrzak and his wife Qiana. They had



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Here Are 11 Creepy Murder Cases You Probably Never Heard Of The topic of murder seems to be a popular one these days. If you turn on Netflix, a lot of the hit shows have something to do with a murder. There are a nu

WATCH: Feral Thug Grabs Lone White Boy, Leaves Body With Sick Surprise A horrific video is going viral after capturing what happened to a Tennessee boy who was just trying to get home from school. Unfortunately, his journey was cut short when he was grabbed by a feral thug who saw him walking alone – but the worst part came as the punk left the boy’s unconscious body w

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