Chirag Bindal

Chirag lives and works in Seattle area, and pursues music and home recording as a serious hobby.

During his last few years at school, Chirag developed an immense interest in music - first singing and gradually playing the guitar and keyboards. Some of his early musical influences were mainly Hemant Kumar and the Beatles. In fact the sole reason he ever picked up the guitar was the John Lennon poster in his room, who he fanatically idolized at that time.

Chirag formed his first rock band at the age of 15 with a bunch of musically inclined friends. They called themselves POP or Plain Ordinary People - the good boys of rock n roll who played a few local shows at fetes and school farewells. Then Chirag went on to join a few other bands as guitar player and bassist before finally settling with Krossbreedz as a keyboardist. This was a 6 piece classic rock outfit that played several rock shows, won many coveted college competitions all over India and got occasional media coverage. Those were the days of long hair and playing to head banging, screaming crowds running in thousands.

Many years have since passed by, and Chirag now lives and works in Seattle area. He is married to a loving wife Rikti and they have two adorable daughters Tarana and Palakh. From a dark corner room which he calls his den, he produces all of his music using his evolving home studio setup. In 2014, Chirag recorded eleven of his songs at Rhythm Solution Studios in NOIDA, India.

Magic Quadrant | Chirag's Space

Magic quadrant of the individual kind. Back in 1998, I visited Mumbai with my college band Krossbreedz. We were participating in the rock competition at Mood-Indigo, IIT Bombay’s cultural festival. The organizers put us up at one of the IIT hostels. We got a unique chance to experience their hostel life and mess food which otherwise we w...

I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles)

Keeping an eye on the world going by my window.. "I'm Only Sleeping" Music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney The Beatles My arrangement; I have nothing written down. I just worked this arrangement out about...

Rock Street Journal

She is awesome to say the least.

Last few days we found this video being shared all over the net. The connection was this sweet little song about "dance". Introducing Aditi Dot !

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