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Ty Beats

Was told
"you got potential"
All I heard was
"You're not good enough."
So I practiced. ALot.
Now Im told
"Damn, you are fucking dope. You got it. That shit is in you!"
And all I hear is
"You are not good enough"....


We are Equals Music. Our first campaign is #hopeEqualsMusic. Music gives hope to millions. Helping them cope with life.It can take you away or make you present and empowered. Our second campaign is #powerEqualsMusic. Music has the power to move, to heal, to create history, and change the future. Our final campaign is #lifeEqualsMusic . Music is the heartbeat of mankind, the rhythm of our souls. We are Equals Music. We are here to empower the community threw our action.


Band Members

Core Members:
Ty Beats
A.N.O. aka Noshus
YP (Young Prodigy)


Other Tucson az Artists
Laze G
Ashburn Artists