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I did this

I sure do miss this guy

Well it took a while, but RNG finally gave me the queen's guard set.

Okay seriously, I would've thought there would have been a hardcore country band by now. Do I seriously have to birth a new genre?

This killed me

I am so done with millenials

That is the Dsnop with the deathly hallows. I had no idea. This guy gets better and better

So the past year has been full of presidential memes and jokes, and I feel like a lot of people have decided who to vote for based on memes. But in all seriousness now, we have one day to decide who will be in office. And I cannot stress to you enough to PLEASE not vote for Hillary. I don't care if you vote trump or 3rd party, just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't vote for Hillary. She is pure evil.

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