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Randal Prater writes songs that weave indie, shoegaze, psychedelic, mope rock, and singer-songwriter sensibilities into one handsome carrying case and then tosses it in the nearest river to see where the stream will take it. Influences include John Lennon, Marc Bolan, Patti Smith, Steve Kilbey, PJ Harvey, and Rob Dickinson, among others. Randal wrote and recorded three albums with Creeping Myrtle and one with The Pagan States before releasing his first solo album in 2008 called Falling To Pisces. In 2009 he followed that up with Second Tuesday Of Never. He is currently writing songs for an upcoming album.

Former frontman for The Pagan States and Creeping Myrtle. He has since released two solo albums.

December 18th, 2014. The day my new album came out. Those who preordered through Kickstarter, CDs aren't ready yet. But, the downloads are. I will contact all of you individually to make sure you get your download codes in the next day or two. Pressing CDs is next on the agenda. But, you can finally listen to it if you want. I hope you like it.

New Album from Randal Prater (Isosceles)

I'm so excited and relieved to report that the Kickstarter for my new album just went live. Anyone who wishes to pre-order the record, or cash in on any of the other rewards, you have until October 24th (my b-day). Extra thanks to anyone who shares this link on your pages. I can't wait for you to hear these new songs. They wouldn't exist without Graig, Terri, Aileen, Peter, Kate, Martin, and Mike. There is a video and notes about the above friends who donated their time and talent to my humble project. Yay 'n' stuff! :) Third solo album. Collaborators: Graig Markel, Terri Moeller, Aileen Paron, Peter Sawtell, Martin Adams, Kate Clark, and Mike Troupe.

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