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Alt-Country, Folk, and Dream Pop fusing together to create ethereal emotional tunes. Music at:

Luke Culbertson is a writer, artist and multi-instrumentalist.

Aching as blessing. Dreaming as living. Change as tenderness. Nature as solace.

These are the themes of Lofty Stills.

The musical project of Seattle-dwelling singer/songwriter Luke Culbertson and friends, Lofty Stills envelopes the listener in lush instrumentation and yearning tenor vocals, with comparisons to contemporaries like Bootstraps, Beach House, Sufjan Stevens, and Ryan Adams.

In October 2015, the single Every Fight was released, with cover art accompaniment by local experimental photographer May Xiong. This dreamy folk endeavor explores the complex relationship we have with ourselves and with each other.

In early 2016, Lofty Stills released the Lofty Stills EP, a 4-track that dives deep into beauty, pain, and loss. The EP provides an effortless fusion of swirling folk stylings, rich country undertones, and dream pop synths, with Culbertson's fragile, rousing voice gluing it all together.

Culbertson is currently hard at work on a debut full length album.

SEATTLE: Reminder! First show of the year at the High Dive on February 19th. $8 doors.

All Around Sound

Wow, thanks!! Some beautiful words about the new Holden Days single over at All Around Sound.

We've been paying a heck of a lot of attention to Seattle singer/songwriter Lofty Stills since his self-titled EP last year and his successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his full length debut which is how we found friend/collaborator Holden Days. The California singer/songwriter crafts music with a kindred sense of delicacy and grace that's it's hardly surprising not only that the two found each other but that they're committed to raising the other up and bringing out the best in each other. That's essentially what happens on "Eau Claire", the first single from Holden Days' upcoming full length Cultivate.

Out Of The Sighs (Tape Demo)

Happy new year everyone. Here's a cassette demo of a new song from the upcoming record; a free download for your dreary Sunday.

More soon, this now :) Cassette tape demo of a track from the upcoming debut full length LP FAR AWAY AND IN ANOTHER TIME

last night

w o r k i n g

With all that has been going on with the election, I've been a little quiet and hesitant to post any updates, but the Kickstarter campaign stealthily ended a couple days ago. We made it to our goal and got successfully funded! I'm heading to Nashville on December 2nd to make my debut record with Carson Cody Timothy Jude Andrews Jamison Sean Dewlen and Joshua D Niles and I could not be more grateful for your support in helping make this happen. Now more than ever, I'm excited to bring an album full to the brim of tenderness, aching, longing, and hope and I pray that it can be a blessing and a comfort to all of you when it gets released. If you didn't get to pledge but still want to pitch in, message me and we can figure something out :)

After this post, I'll be fairly quiet for a bit, and taking time off of shows to prepare for the trip, so this is a bit of a "goodbye for now, see you soon." THANK YOU so much.

All my love,
Luke <3

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