Search Party for my Ex-Wife

Search Party for my Ex Wife was formed in mid 2009
With catchy riffs on thunderous low end guitars,heavy grooved drum beats and shredding vocals,
these guys put all they have into their live shows-high energy and crowd participation is sure to turn a few heads.Come with us,lets see what we can destroy.

Hey guys we need a vocalist any body down?

We will be taking a break on shows for a while, lots of new stuff in store! I promise it wont be too long of a wait though
Stay brutal

Thank you to everyone who jammed with us a Ciceros tonight! Great bands, great fans!! Stay brutal!

Its going to be a great day..whos ready to metal?

March 15th who wants to get their metal on?

Well that kicked ass! Thank you Fubar, Anthony and Ventana for an awesome show! Cant wait to do it again! Thank you to everyone who came out and thrashed, it was one hell of a night!

Keep it brutal-
Search Party


Band Members

Mike Brower: Vocals
Neil Jones: Drums
Chad Jauernig: Guitar
Nick Digar: Guitar


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