Between Earth & Sky

A band. An idea. A situation. Plus abstract lyrics and guitar riffs.

BETWEEN EARTH & SKY, a collection of five individuals bound together by a love for the writings of Ernest Becker and Samuel Beckett and endless amounts of vegan food at Vancouver's 'Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant' have finally after nine long years managed to pull their personal lives together long enough to synthesize their perspectives on tragic experiences into a collection of songs infused with anguish and hope. Profoundly inspired by the inevitability of suffering, the members of BETWEEN EARTH & SKY delve deeply into irony by attempting to use powerful, fast, yet melodic hardcore songs with insightful lyrics in a vain attempt to unravel their anxiety about the inevitability of their demise. Featuring a line up of experienced members (Greg Bennick and EJ Bastien of TRIAL and Alexei Rodriguez of TRIAL, CATHARSIS and PRONG; Sean Lande of STRAIN and BY A THREAD; and sometime solo artist Happy Kreter, also of GOB, and formerly a professional wrestler in Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling), BETWEEN EARTH & SKY will release their debut EP in 2011 on Refuse Records in Europe as a CDep and 12"EP, and in the United States on Hellfish Records as a double 7".


Our guitarist, Happy, works at one of the most radically low barrier social service centers in the world, located in Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside.

The Drug User's Resource Centre provides safe space and care for the some of the most marginalized and underserved people in North America. It is the only service of its kind and is at the epicentre of Canada's homelessness and addiction crisis.

DURC is a safe space for street-entrenched people, as well as a resource of advocacy and empowerment that directly addresses the human rights abuses of the war on drugs. It's frontline, grassroots, boots-on-the-ground (and unfortunately rare) community activism of the kind we need in every major city.

Now this amazing project is in danger of disappearing thanks to some bureaucratic ignorance. You who are reading this post can help save it.

Please take a moment to offer a few words of support here:

How powerful it would be to receive letters of support from around the world!

Learn more about DURC by watching this short documentary created by DURC members:

Spread the word. #saveDURC Help ensure The Drug Users Resource Centre can continue to provide community driven, innovative harm reduction and health services to the members of our community who need it most by writing a letter to BC's Minister of Health.

Our friend Kucin (Deafmessanger Notebook - Diary) from Prague not only makes INCREDIBLE hand-made journals, but he is also very fashionable in terms of his wardrobe. He had a feature story done on his art recently in Europe and rather than selecting a button down Armani dress shirt, he went with this classier choice. #shirt #style

We're getting very close to wrapping up the writing process for this new record. Looks like it's going to be a full length (fingers crossed). Thanks for hanging in there while we take our sweet time getting this thing done. We love you.

Greg Bennick: pushing ourselves to offer something more!

Recently, our singer Greg Bennick managed to convince yet another interviewer of his coherency. Although it might take you until the year 2018 to get through the entire interview, its a good read. This interview almost never happened, but in the end it taught me that perseverance is worthwhile. This busy man worked on the answers over the course of a year. At one point I told him I was ready ...

Greg - July 26, 2014

Hey! We've been quiet for a while. Well, most of us have. Here's one of us who hasn't ever been quiet. Check out the beloved Greg Bennick running his eloquent mouth for a crowd of hardcore types a couple of months back. Greg July 26, 2014 The Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA

New Between Earth & Sky tattoo permanently imbedded into the skin of a Russian friend of ours. We would have been more impressed if this was on her face, but its still pretty cool nonetheless.

Power of Ten 7" compilation

We just posted a new item on our webstore! Have you ever thought how weird the word "item" is? Say it a few times. It really is weird. Item item item. So....copies of this item have been posted: the "Power of Ten Volume 2" compilation 7" on which appears our first ever release...our self-titled one minute song. For more information, click your mouse controller on this web item now: This is where it all started. The first song. The band before the ampersand. The first appearance. Owning a copy of this record is like meeting...


Band Members

Sean Lande - guitar
Happy Kreter - guitar
Alexei Rodriguez - drums
Gabe Mantle- drums
Greg Bennick - vocals
Thom Prior - bass
Blair Calibaba / Paul Forgues / Theo Goutzinakis - sound


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