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Ernie Ball PLAY Warped 2017 | Moneta


Every year at Warped Tour, local bands are given a chance to play their local date through the Ernie Ball contest. This year, out of the 41 bands that will play their respective dates, one of those bands will be chosen to record an EP with Grammy nominated producer John Feldman (Blink-182, Goldfinger, All Time Low, The Used, Saosin, Panic at the Disco, and so many more).

We've been working on some new material and would absolutely love to record some songs with John Feldman. To be considered to play the Seattle date, which would then allow us the chance to be chosen to record, we need to be one of the top 50 bands in the Seattle area with the most online activity on our channel, and that's where you come in.

Here's our channel:

The following actions are considered online activity:

1. You can go to our channel and watch our music video

2. You can go to our channel and share it to social media via the channel's "share" tab

3. You can create a profile and follow our channel

4. You can create a profile and comment on our channel

Any one or combination of these things helps, and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate it! Check out this channel Moneta on Ernie Ball PLAY Warped 2017!

The new "Ten Year Sessions" songs are now up on Spotify, Apple Music and all major sites.


Thanks Aaron Smith / Envisage Audio

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