Soul Slick

Original song-oriented soul/jazzy-funk/rock/jam, currently based in Seattle, WA.

Song-oriented Soul/Jazzy-Funk/Rock/Jam!

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Had great time jamming at The Celtic Bayou's awesome new location!

Isaac Barham-Vocals/Guitar @ The Celtic Bayou

John Beard-Bass @ The Celtic Bayou

Tim Ryan-Guitar @ The Celtic Bayou

Dan Farrell-Drums @ The Celtic Bayou

Horn section also coming soon...(Mr. Miles providing temporary photographic representation...)

Dan "Danny Ride" Farrell-Drums :-D

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Band Interests

The Groove, Quantum Mechanics, Romance Novels

Band Members

Isaac Barham-Vocals, Guitar; Dan Farrell-Drums; John Beard-Bass; Tim Ryan-Guitar


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General Manager

Brett Verner

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