Deception's Remedy

Deception's Remedy

Deceptions Remedy, a 5 piece melodic hardcore band out of NOVA, was originally formed in 2008 by members Tim brooks (guitar), David Sanders (guitar), and Paul Shelvin (Drums). After the release of their first E.P. that same year, the band was forced to take a hiatus due to various reasons. In 2011 the band reformed with vocalist Daniel Williams, also of "Revenge I Seek" and recorded their current E.P. at the Peabody Institute of Music. With driving drums and bass, motivating vocals, mind numbing guitar riffs, and a live show to put others to shame, Deceptions Remedy looks to set themselves apart from the local music scene.

Metal/Hardcore. Free demos while supplies last.

If anyone can make this show please hit us up for tickets! It's been a while and we could use the support :)

I know it's been a while since you guys heard from us, but I want to let you all know that we have a show this Monday with This or the Apocalypse and The Browning at Empire in Springfield VA! Come support us if you have the time! Much love!

- Dan

Please come support us this Monday! First show in a long time. Hit us up for Tickets ASAP!

K, so here's the deal. We haven't had much going on lately, but we ARE on this years Scream it Like You Mean it tour at Sonar in Baltimore MD on August 11th! We'll be playing with The Acacia Strain, Like Moths to Flames, Volumes, and many more bands! However, we have a minimum ticket sale requirement of 50 tickets. Therefore, we need EVERYONE'S help in meeting this goal. If you are interested in buying a ticket PLEASE get ahold of one of us either in person or via facebook! Thank you all so much!


If anyone has photo/vid from the show Sunday at Empire we'd love to see it!

The show yesterday was awesome : ) Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us! I'd also like to say thank you to Diego Davenhall and George Carter for stepping in and stepping up. We hope you'll both be able to play with us again in the near future! Keep an eye out for new stuff over the summer!

- Dan

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Deception's Remedy Live at Kingdom


Band Members

Tim Brooks - Guitar
Daniel Williams - Vocals
Paul Shelvin - Drums
Guitar - ?
Bass - ?

For inquiries, please contact Daniel at 540-551-2508, or send a message to our inbox.


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Booking Agent

Daniel Williams, 540-551-2508
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