Stand in Motion

Music inspired by music. Stand in Motion brings together powerful rhythm and unforgettable lyrics that challenges the listener to get lost in the sound of it all. Comprised of Mark Hooton (singer/songwriter) and Alex Silvi (DJ, producer) of Maple Valley, WA; the two met each other at the young age of 6 while in first grade. Over the years, each pursued music endeavors separately until they finally combined talents and formed Stand in Motion in 2011. Alex provides the unique, alternative-indie style beats while Mark belts out his real-life-inspired, original lyrics to create a sound unlike any other.

Stand in Motion currently spends their time touring shows around the Pacific Northwest with plans to capture a broader audience. With music that can just as easily be played on the radio in the car as it can be listened to by yourself on an introspective walk, Stand in Motion appeals to all crowds, genres, and ages alike.

Yo!!! Wow. Long time no talk. The past 7 months, i've been working on a Solo project and have a lot of music coming your way in the near future. Been crazy busy working with great people and have had so many doors opened for me. Beyond thankful. This is by far the best thing that I have accomplished in my entire life and I couldn't be more excited to share it with the world. Continuing to chase after a dream that started so many years ago. Never giving up. Stay tuned, only the beginning.


I appreciate everyone's support the past year. There have been so many huge changes the last 12 weeks for Stand in Motion. I am so excited to share everything with you everything that have been working so hard on and devoting my life to. I've got a great team of people surrounding me now, and I've never felt so connected with the music. Love you all.

Relaxing, and listening to this song slowly come together in the studio. Hope you all are having a great week.

Peace and love, no war.

Been writing like crazyyyy! Hope you all are enjoying this weather......

This next year is going to be quite the journey...

Had no clue the sky could be all these colors at once... Hope you all are happy and enjoying this weather!

Yo, good things have been happening. Thank you.


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