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Currently in the studio writing new material... Check back!

THIS TuESDaY!!!!!!!!! Last show we will probably ever play.


People keep asking us when we're getting back together, and the answer we have is today, And what happens when bands get together? They write music. Expect new things coming your way...

We can't wait to update you guys on whats been happening, and what is going to happen!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! We are thankful for all our fans and loved ones that make what we do possible!! What are you thankful for?

I think it's time for a cover song what could we do so many choices. Well we are gonna get started on something soon so keep your eyes open

Fire On The Dance Floor (Acoustic Version)

Alright everyone here it is an acoustic version of Fire On the Dance Floor!!! And of course some new promos :) hope you all like it and please share with your friends we will have some news for you soon so stay tuned!

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Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.

Band Members

Lead Vocals - Brandon Whitley
Bass - Anthony Jones
Guitar- Trevor Tapia
Guitar- TBA
Drums- TBA
Past Members
Nick Fillhart- Drums
Rory Peterson- Guitar
Adamm Mitchell- Guitar


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General Manager

Anthony Jones

Booking Agent

Anthony Jones
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