Brett Dennen

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"Out Of My Head (Summer Mix)" lyric video:

After a hike up and a ski down, rosé is the reward. #mtfiniski #skifinis #dennenwines #vacationerrose #happyfathersday @smithdevereuxwines

The queen travels to the east side. 💩@kristinajackson1

Every day can be #nationalroséday, even in the snow. #dennenwines #vacationer @smithdevereuxwines

Tickets for The Vacationer Tour this summer are on sale now. See you in the sun 😎


You may wanna put your sunglasses on for this one, or at least don't stare directly at my chest. This was on my birthday in Buffalo, 2011. That's a can of @essentiallivingfoods Maca powder in my hand. Spoonfuls of that all day was my birthday present to myself. I felt like Thor but looked like Thor's stepbrother, Kyle from Fairbanks. That belt is a belt I wore til it fell apart. It went nicely with my famous brown pants (pictured). It was @kristinajackson1's belt that I swiped. She said it was the kind of thing her dad would wear so I guess I want to be like her dad? Also, I guess I steal things. That was a long time ago. I'm better now. Now I try to make the world a better place and stay in optimal health. But I never take myself too seriously. Hence the outfit. @mlynchie photo #maca #essentiallivingfoods #beltthief #themoreyouknow

@bottlerocknapa go grab a glass of #vacationer rosé next to the @smithdevereuxwines lounge. It's across from the main stage. @ogeverlast you can drink for free, cuz you tight. #vacationerrose #dennenwines #bottlerock

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