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"Out Of My Head (Summer Mix)" lyric video:


I miss @dodgeridge. Photo by @twainharteminigolf @alpsandmeters

I am excited to partner with Journey - Travel With Purpose this summer in bringing hope to South Dakota's Sioux tribes. We will be engaging with the Pine Ridge community, hosting workshops, exploring, and building an amphitheater. Join me June 16 -21 for the adventure and grab your tickets here:

I'm still skiing, kiddos. But now I ski classy with @alpsandmeters debonair wool ski pants. Chocolate brown. You all know how much I love brown pants. They gave me some other great stuff I'll show you too, but it's weird asking people to take photos of me in outfits so I have to space it out. This was on a chair 5 parking lot beer break on another great April powder day. I lost half of my adjustable pole down in fast eddie's breaking rule number 1 (don't fall). But I went back and found it and put it back together. Time to get some @soulpoles I want to send lots of love to my Tuolumne County family. Thank you to @theapresski for introducing me to this classic clothier. Photo by Taylor Rose, does he have instagram? #liftseries #bdliftseries #skiclassy #skihandsome #skisuave #skilikeagentleman #lumberjack @dodgeridge @yosemiteoutfitters

Ode to the green blender
With the green smoothie within
You were there since I began to remember
In my mother's kitchen
Living behind the low cupboard door that slid
Many blenders came and went
Broke down
Lost or claimed by roommates, girlfriends
But you remain
Still spinning you've outlived them all
Hail to the 70's or 80's or whenever you came from
They don't make them like you anymore
Nutri Bullets and Vitamixes
Unlike them you last
You've outlasted all
#osterizer @osterpro

Who's ready for a smokin' hot deal? How about discounts on #dennenwines #vacationer rosé? Go to and click on Dennen. Go to the bottle with the hammock on it and if you buy a case or more, you'll get 50% off!!! As @kristinajackson1 says, "That's like $7.50 a bottle, that's cheaper than Trader Joe's!" She's right, and if you buy between 3 and 11 bottles you'll get 33% off. This is the last of the 2015 vintage so get some before it's gone. @smithdevereuxwines club members have discounts too. #vacationerrose party on Wayne.

Congratulations @kristinajackson1 on becoming a certified yoga instructor! A lot of sweat and tears (maybe blood too?-not sure) went into these last few months of hard work. I'm so proud! She is so bad ass in so many ways. Who wants to take a class from her? Skype classes? Yoga for chefs? Plant based yoga? Yoga for holistic nutrition coaches? Yoga for world traveling food and lifestyle bloggers? Yoga for vintage and thrift store shoppers? Here she is signing her certificate with teacher @tamalyoga yesterday. He's a stud too. Namaste.

Who's ready to party? #tgif The highlight of the Loverboy World Tour was in Reno. I took up smoking, public drinking, sleeveless shirts, socks with sandals, and gym shorts that day because I wanted to get lucky at the slots. The headband had already been working for me for years. I lost big to an electronic blackjack game that had a dealer lady with serious 'tude. She was early A.I., unprofessional and lacked humility. Please don't comment on how amazing this outfit is, I'd rather not break the the internet. Also, not pictured is my bedazzled rabbit foot keychain, my leopard skin caffein pill pouch, and my Wonder Woman money belt. I kept those concealed. Always keep an ace in the hole. #reno #kidding photo by @mlynchie

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