Wil Aristide

Singer, Song writer, Video Producer, Music producer and Photographer

Will Aristide given name is Wilson Artistide, he was born in Port De Paix, Haiti, February 18,1989. His Dad was a citizen and brought him to the United States when he was 11 years old. He and his family moved to Pompano, Florida. Wil got his green card when he moved here and became a citizen at the age of 22. At the young age of 9 yrs. old he started singing and decided at age 11 that he wanted to become an R&B/POP artist.
Growing up in the United States gave him the opportunity to have his dream come true. While he was in senior high he entered a talent show at school and sang. Will Aristide remembers how nervous he was since it was his first time singing in front of an audience but they out of no where he remembers people screaming and clapping for him, his first standing ovation. He ended up winning and receiving the trophy for the top performance. After that is when Wil knew he had to take his music career more serious. When he graduated from Deerfield Beach High School in 2007, he had to get a job to help support his family and his love for singing. He started writing and singing his own music, he was known as the "Master of Hooks" from friends.
Wil worked with different people recording and producing his music for a couple years but decided he wanted to do it himself so he went to The Art Institute of Ft. lauderdale and graduated in 2013 majoring in video production. He bought himself a keyboard and taught himself how to make his owns beats and produce his own music. There isn't a day that goes by without him writing or recording a song. Music is his passion and he strives and works hard to make it. Will Aristide has written and produced Have Fun and Zipper to the public. With these songs are just the beginning to an arsenal of music to come in the very near future.

I'm out enjoying life very soon you'll get my new single.

Improvements is what I want to see

I am being absolutely lazy getting my dreads done. I don't even want to shape my beard and mustache anymore I feel like letting everything grow to witness something new. It's a scary thought and experience for me I'm just going with the flow.

If you don't do what makes you happy, you'll lose.#gymtime #wilaristide #lafitness

It's one of those days where I'm feeling so tired, thank god I am off.

Happy Birthday, to me. I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday 🎈 I can't complain you guys I'm hanging in there with you all. I didn't really do much for my birthday because I'm in a happiest place than I ever been and it feels good and I'm so grateful for everything. I wish you all joy and happiness I know life is not easy but if you follow your heart and focus on finding who you are as a person life will be everything you imagine.

Heading to get my dreads retwist and shape up this mustache and beard I've waited to long lol that's how I ended up having dreads it was not plan I said just f**k it and look now 😂

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