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CASPAR BABYPANTS is Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the United States of America making high quality intelligent simple acoustic music for kids and thier parents to enjoy together.

Hey! I am Caspar Babypants.

Some of the world knows me as Chris Ballew, the lead singer and songwriter for The Presidents of the United States of America, a rock and roll band that sings about a frog, a kitty, a dune buggy, peaches and a lump.

These days I am making music for babies and their parents and in doing so I have found a musical expression that truly feels comfortable and natural to me. I look forward to a long carrer as CASPAR BABYPANTS!

The debut album HERE I AM! came out on February 14th 2009 and the new album MORE PLEASE! came out on November 17th 2009.

My goal with these albums is to provide simple timeless high quality relaxing imaginative music for the new parent and baby to enjoy together.

Thumb Tack

Check out my son Augie's snappy little tune he JUST recorded - First experiment with multi track recording. Rio Edwards can be heard in the background coughing and opening bags.

Fox in the Ferns Unframed Wall Art

My wife Kate (who does all the album covers for Caspar) is selling art at Loan of Nod! She has been working on this deal for a while! Buy them ALL! :) Shop Woodland Fox Wall Art. Unframed wall art features a fox and some ferns against a simple black background.

Need something to do with the kids tomorrow since there is no school??
2660 NE 49th St
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 527-9900
set time - 10:30am

Check it! Shady Pines Media did a cool little mini doc about me...

Take that Temple of the Dog! to overtake A Tribe Called Quest and The Rolling Stones...(Easy Street Records top ten)

Caspar is live at TOP POT in Ballard today at 1:30pm! (some folks might think it is 10:30am but it is 1:30pm!)

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Working with non-prifit organizations like PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) and Wellspring Family Services to bring music into the effort to educate parents and nurture children in crisis.

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