Scott Adams - saxophone

Sax player for Spike and the Impalers, Shameless Hussy, and The TubeKings.

Scott started playing the saxophone over 25 years ago, although he will never admit that he’s old enough to have done anything for 25 years. He has studied with local Seattle legends like Clarence Acox (Garfield High School), Johnnie Jessen (Kenny G’s teacher), Jabo Ward and Don Lanphere (Seattle jazz legends), and Roy Cummings (University of Washington).

He began playing clubs too young, and often had to sneak in the back door when the bouncer wasn’t looking, leap on stage right before the band started, and run out the door as soon as they were done. After 6 months, he was finally tired of the lying and sneaking around, and went to Seoul, South Korea, where they don’t care how old you are, as long as you can afford the drinks. Scott alleges that his 9 months in Korea helped bring his style of playing into focus. Something about playing in front of an audience 6 nights a week, blah, blah, blah. When he gets going on Korea, you tend to tune him out after a while.

When he returned to Seattle, he looked around for jazz gigs, and realized that since he wasn’t 60 years old (and never would be), there weren’t any available. He started playing with the following bands and musicians (not necessarily in this order): Seattle Blues Revue, Apollo Creed, The Roger Rogers Band, Nicole Fournier, Everyday People, Souler Energy, Full Circle, Molasses, Hip City, the Little Kings, Doctor Funk, Stolen Ogre, Mirage and the Bad Ass Brass, and Type A! He also is known in some circles as “the village whore” and will gladly play for anyone who dangles a couple of bucks in front of his face.

Scott has amazing luck, and has been recommended to play with a number of genuinely famous people, like Ann Wilson from Heart. He plays in her band occasionally to this day. Ann was good enough to invite him to play with her at a fundraiser for President Clinton, and Scott got to jam with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains and Steve Bishop from Los Lobos, and even got his picture taken with the leader of the free world! Amazingly, he passed the Secret Service’s background check. He also was invited to play with Slash from Guns ‘n Roses. Slash’s background check was not nearly as thorough.

Currently, Scott can be seen around the Pacific Northwest with Shameless Hussy and Spike and the Impalers, featuring Spike O'Neill and Bob Rivers from KJR FM. He has a day job that he loves, helping Group Health Cooperative save healthcare in this country, and lives in the Seattle area with his girlfriend, 2 nutty dogs and a cranky cat.

I play a Yamaha YTS-62 tenor saxophone from the late 1980s, with Dukoff D6 and Jody Jazz 6* mouthpieces, and Fibracell reeds. Love the Kevlar, baby! My microphone is an AMT Wi5 Pro.

I opted not to upgrade the mouthpiece, and got another Dukoff. I'm currently in love with my Wi5 Pro, but the Wi5ii is out now, and it looks so awesome!

Had a perfect moment at Ezell's tonight: Kool & the Gang Ladies Night came on, and the patrons started bobbing their heads and singing softly in unison. Music is the great uniter.

*sticks head out, blinks eyes, looks around*

Hey! I'm playing with my friends in Girls Love Rockets Thursday night at 8:30 at Slims Last Chance Saloon. Come join us! We're opening for The Groove Surfers at The Groove Surfers Pre-Christmas Throw Down at Slim's!

The Rockstar Superhero Podcast: RSP #11 with Scott 'Junior' Adams (Ann Wilson, Molasses)

Hilarious, rambling, and humbling conversation with my friend Rob Jones. It's long, but there's some good shit in there. Check it out! This week's podcast features Seattle legend, Scott 'Junior' Adams of the session musician hall of fame.  Saxophone player extraordinaire and killer dude, Scott has played with many many many well known musicians and icons.  He toured with Ann Wilson during her mid 90's solo years and becam...


Molasses party tonight!

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Besides performing, I play with the dogs, and scuba dive in Puget Sound whenever I can.


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