Tiny Messengers

Tiny Messengers EP available for download at tinymessengers.com & tinymessengers.bandcamp.com

Kimo Muraki of Tiny Messengers is very excited to announce his contribution to the 2014 Juno Award Winning Album "We Still Move on Dance Floors" by The Strumbellas from Toronto, Canada.

Muraki has also just completed studio work with two more up and coming artists: Australia's Vance Joy on Atlantic Records who are due to release their debut album in the U.S. this fall, and Ewert and the Two Dragons from Estonia whose release will hit U.S. shelves later this year on Sire/Warner Bros. Records.

Muraki's work with the artists above includes:
-The Strumbellas: trumpet, coronet, sax, banjo, backing vocals
-Vance Joy: backing vocals, trumpet, coronet, sax, trombone, mellophone, baritone, flute
-Ewert and the Two Dragons: trumpet, coronet, sax, mellophone, flute

Tiny Messengers is set to release their first full length album by fall 2014 and recorded their debut EP in February 2011 and have since shared the stage with a host of great artists including: COTTON JONES, MOTHER HIPS, LANGHORNE SLIM, BUFFALO TOM, GRAND HALLWAY, BIRDS & BATTERIES, GOLDFINCH, KAY KAY & HIS WEATHERED UNDERGROUND, BUFFALO DEATH BEAM, SOPHIE BARKER of ZERO 7, THOMAS DYBDAHL, TRUTH AND SALVAGE CO., The GERVAIS BROS of CURTAINS FOR YOU, SEA FEVER, TONY KEVIN JR, THE FIRST TIMES, GRANT OLSEN of ARTHUR & YU, BIG SUR, MATT BADGER & HIS FLOCK OF KNIVES, TANGO ALPHA TANGO, HENRY AT WAR, and many others...

Tiny Messengers is the debut ensemble from Kimo Muraki, formerly of Fences, Hallways, Michael Vermillion, Lonesome Rhodes, and current member of Surrealized, Henry At War, Marmalade, and Super Sonic Soul Pimps. Muraki's musical contributions can also be found on the 2014 Juno Award Winning Album "We Still Move on Dance Floors" from The Strumbellas. Other noteable studio credits include work with Vance Joy (Atlantic Records), Ewert & The Two Dragons (Warner Bros. Records), Soko "I Thought I Was An Alien" (Babycat Records), Ed Harcourt "Lustre" (Piano Wolf Recordings).

Members of "Tiny Messengers" include:
-Kimo Muraki
-Jeremy Lightfoot - Buffaloes, Satchel, Trombone Cake, The Witness
-Matthew McCluskey - Low Rent Quartet
-Steven Barci - The Chasers
-Colin Higgins - Screens

Come see Kimo Muraki of Tiny Messengers at Northwest Folklife TODAY!
1pm at the FolkLife Cafe Stage in McCaw Hall!
Really excited to share the stage with Tomo Nakayama and Jason McCue!

Kimo Muraki of Tiny Messengers performs a solo set THIS SUNDAY, MAY 28th at Northwest Folklife Festival w/ Tomo Nakayama and Jason McCue!

Venue/Stage: Folklife Café @ 1:00 PM!

Seattle Center / FREE & ALL AGES!

HUGE thank you to Yakima Folklife Association for adding Kimo Muraki of Tiny Messengers to the 2017 Yakima Folklife Festival line-up!!!
This year's artist list is AMAZING!!!

JULY 7th-9th!
Stay tuned for set times and stage announcements!

Kimo of Tiny Messengers is performing solo as a part of the Gigs 4 U Pop-Up Series at Upstream Music Fest + Summit TODAY 6-8PM and TOMORROW 6-8PM!!! If you see him hootin' and hollerin' in the rain drop him some change damn-it.

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Tiny Messengers "Built To Last"
Tiny Messengers "One Fine Morning"
Tiny Messengers "All You Lovers"
Tiny Messengers "Animals At Night"

Band Members

Kimo Muraki - banjo, guitar, vocals /
Jeremy Lightfoot - bass /
Colin Higgins - guitar /
Matthew McCluskey - keys /
Steven Barci - drums


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