Chris Bernstorf (Poetry/Spoken Word)

Chris Bernstorf (Poetry/Spoken Word)

New album The Sidewalk Hymns out NOW for FREE at

I want to perform for you, so ask me to, and we can do our best to work it out. Anywhere and everywhere, any genre. Just a kid with 46 chromosomes like everybody else trying to offer Jesus and shine His Light. Be the Light, Spread the Love. Beat down darkness in the name of Jesus and it will break. Nothing will stand against His name. :) HE>i.

Soli Deo Gloria=Glory to God alone.

152.42: The Film | 04.2017 | SDG
📸 Ashley Donaldson

PRAISE KING JESUS. A LOT of cool stuff coming together, including a bunch of firsts. Really, really, really stoked for what's to come. Get stoked and pray for it if you can!! Thanks for being with and a part of this thing God's given me--I'm SO THANKFUL for Him, for you, and for it. SDG

Im on this next month, and I cant wait!!! Pray for it & come hang--Friendsgiving is an understatement!!! SDG

152.42: The Film | 04.2017 | SDG

📸: Ashley Donaldson

074 - joel kime - product of radical grace

Just cried while making breakfast. So good. So powerful. Jesus is King man! Sometimes our actions have irreversible results. Forgiving ourselves is made near impossible due to the walls created by those hurt by our actions. Joel's story is one of receiving grace and forgivene

152.42: The Film work continues. Stoked is an understatement!!! SDG

Please forgive me--this is the worst thing I've had to do in a while. I got super sick coming home from Europe and found out the same day that a family member has to have a major surgery next week and I need to stay with them for a couple weeks to help get them through. Everyone is expected to make a full recovery, but I have to cancel my trip to Asia. I'm beyond heartbroken at letting down all of the kind people who helped make this happen, but staying home is the best choice I can see right now. 152.42: The Film should still be coming out next month, but I won't be doing any touring. Please keep us in your prayers! <3 SDG

Offenbach was so sick last night. Europe has been beyond words incredible. God is good & faithful without fail or comparison. SO thankful. Flying out today. Keep Aaron & Nathan in your prayers because they have another two weeks or so! Lord-willing, a lot more to come!!! 💗 SDG

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