The effect of the fire burst the belly of a pregnant witch.

Inoculara is four guys who share a common goal of creating music that we find entertaining. Whether it be DOOM,SLUDGE,GRINDCORE,CRUST,BLACKMETAL,or DEATHMETAL we will combine elements from all of these and more to craft a sound that is unlike any you have heard before. Chaos is coming and we are the drug to help with the infliction of the torment...

We are Jehovah's sickness...

We'd like to thank our brothers and sister from Yob and Witch Mountain for the amazing show last night. Also a huge thank you to Dana for the great sound and helping us through our technical difficulties. CHEERS!!!

We go on at 9:30. Bring the motherfucking ruckus.

Big thanks to all the folks that came to the show last night. And even bigger thanks to Buried At Birth and S.U.V for killing it.


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M.D.H.M Records,Jehovah's Sickness

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Dave Carroll
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