Warning Danger

The world's safest punk band!

Warning: Danger! began with Mark Ostler’s idea for a video project, called “Holly FLipS,” about a girl freaking out and destroying things after a bad breakup. Mark wanted some theme music for the video and recruited some friends to help record the song.

The recording of the song would have been the beginning and end of the project if they had not been invited by friends to play a show at The Funhouse. The band quickly wrote five more songs in order to be able to play the show.

Warning: Danger!’s unusual performance was a hit and the band was invited to play more show dates which gradually led to W:D! becoming a "real band." Meanwhile the “Holly FLipS” video project got sidelined, but was eventually completed years later.

Warning: Danger! is a four-piece safety-themed punk band from Seattle, formed in 2007. Warning: Danger! takes its audience back to a time when punk rock was fun, loud, and didn’t take itself too seriously. Warning: Danger! makes every show a party and strives to leave everyone in attendance thoroughly entertained. The band’s sound is noisy and raw, with an old-school punk feel, clever, humorous lyrics, and songs that easily get stuck in your held - reminiscent of The Ramones, The Dead Milkmen, Black Flag, and The Spits. The general theme of the songs is the avoidance of danger and the promotion of safety, with songs like “Safe Sex,” “Avalanche,” and “Cougar Attack.” Band members wear various safety-themed, hi-vis, reflective costumes, hard hats, and various stage props are often utilized. But don’t be fooled by the humor and light-hearted approach - this band cranks out well-crafted, hard-hitting, high-energy punk rock, guaranteed to strike a chord with even the most diehard punk rocker, yet still accessible enough to appeal to those who tend to prefer other genres.

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Record Store Day

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Check out some awesome shots by Vitz Photos of our recent show at The Substation!

Check out Vitz Photos shots of the show on 12/9 at the Substation !

This Friday at Substation!! Great show with our friends Tit Nun and Scorpiknox. We'll have copies of our new EP, "Watch For Rock".

This show will rule!! Big thanks to The Stranger for review of the upcoming show on their website. Rock on!!

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Zombie Wars

Band Members

Mark Ostler - Voice;
Eric Bruckbauer - Guitar;
Ryk Lambert - Bass;
Cameron Peck - Drums //

Former Members:
Mike Correa - Drums, 2007-2016; James Gardner - Bass, 2007-2011; Jake Weller - Guitar, 2007-2008.


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Wiener Records

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