- NEW ALBUM - 02.10.2015 - ONE EYED HORSE -

Born out of the hot embers of Charlottesville Va's Black Sabbath annual tribute band, Mass Sabbath, Corsair formed in early 2008 with the purpose of writing progressive rock that would transcend space and time. Having endured the intensive training of of Mass Sabbath, Corsair emerged with calloused fingers and a united, unbending will to unleash new found guitharmonic powers onto the world of rock. Think Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and King Crimson.

Greg Moffitt, Upfront Profile, Decibel Magazine Issue #101
"...Corsair stand out from the pack." 03.2013

Chris Kee, Zero Tolerance Magazine Issue #051
"Some of the guitar playing is just magnificent - deserving of being mentioned in the same breath as Gorham/Robertson - and there is not a weak track on this beautiful, spirited, passionate, captivating album. 5/5" 01.2013

Adrien Begrand, Terrorizer Magazine Issue #231 (U.K.)
"To hear an album this tasteful is an absolute shock to the system, and a welcome deviation from the norm. 4/5" 01.2013

Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited
"The music is both aggressive and sublime. It is heavy yet hypnotic. The bottom line is that the music of Corsair is the real deal. Grade: A (must own)." 01.20.2013

David Gupta, Needs More Noise Gate (Canada)
"Yup. My first 5 out of 5. Corsair have made one of the, if not, the, album of the year. The fact that it's out so early in the year is almost unfair for everyone else For those of you who know how much I love Mastodon's Crack the Skye, I love Corsair almost as much. For those of you who don't know how much I love Crack the Skye, it's my favorite album. Ever. This is an album for anyone who loves music. Period. Great music, great vocals, excellent production, awesome lyrics, perfect length. In short, it's a flawless album. 5/5" 01.16.2013

Victoria Anderson, Ghost Cult Magazine
"They are in serious contention to be the Top Album of 2013." Issue #4 (pg. 39) 01.2013

Zach Duvall, Top 20 of 2012
"Corsair has more hot licks than the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. #19 of 20" 12.2012

Jeremy Witt, Top 20 of 2012
"Since their debut EP, all they've done is write great, fun hard rock and metal jams, and that's exactly what they're still doing here. #14 of 20" 12.2012

Happy birthday to our guitar hero Paul!!

Corsair – One Eyed Horse

Thanks Stoned Meadow of Doom!

FUZZ FM: "...“Shadows from Breath” are all cool cascades of spring water, the smooth rush of guitarists Marie Landragin and Paul Sebring delaying, echoing and flickering in a dreamy Gilmour/Göttsching sexual mingle." Visit the post for more.

Metal Blade Records to release ‘Metal Massacre 14′ compilation in April

"Brothers" featured on this compilation put out by Metal Blade! Thanks to Alan for putting us out there! - March 3rd, 2016 - In 1982, Metal Blade Records put out its first release: Metal Massacre, a compilation album that included Metallica,

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"Burnish the Blades" Live at WTJU Studios 02.18.2011

Band Members

Marie Landragin - guitar, vocals
Paul Sebring - guitar, vocals
Jordan Brunk - bass, vocals
Michael Taylor - drums

Past members:
Wade Warfield - drums (2013 - 2014)
Aaron Lipscombe - drums (2010 - 2013)
Leigh Ann Leary - drums (2008 - 2010)


Current Location

Record Label

Shadow Kingdom Records, High Roller Records

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