***NEW EP "Giant Killer" out on Luxor Records now!!*** We are metal heads, we are sinners, we are like everyone else...

We all found common ground; The love of Christ, and grimy, hard, scare your mom metal.

So we decided to put the two together.

We want to bring the light of God to places of darkness. We wan't to show and express his love... even if that means we need to mosh like apes. As a Christian band, we are put to the test by non believers; satan, so reputation is key. Therefore we set a standard that we try to live by, in and outside of the band.

JESUS can be found, even in the darkest heaviest riff out there. Don't believe us? We'll show you.

Redeem the Exile added!!! Everett, where you at???

Tim is free...

Deep in thought and wanted to reach out to you guys. How can I be praying for you, someone or something today? Comment here or message us privately. Love you guys! - Tay

When darkness is brought to the light... it cannot survive.

Videos (See all)

"Devastator" cover, preformed by TOARN
TOARN - "Blood Stained Love Story" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
The Blood Has Been Shoveled


Band Members

Justin - Guitar

Kyle - Guitar

James - Bass

Mikey Smiles - Vocals

Tay - Drums ( BOOKING CONTACT 425-350-7259 or )


Current Location

Record Label

Luxor Records

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