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Taking their name from a mythical phoenix-like songbird in Filipino folklore, The Adarna [pronounced uh-darn-uh] are the first band to ever coin their genre as “Jet City Rock,” due to their proximity to Seattle's Boeing Field.

Nearly five years out of the gate, The Adarna are set to embark on their 7th North American National tour, which includes their performance at Rocklahoma. Their summer 2016 national tour, The Jet City Tour, was to support the release of their recent album, How Perceptive. In Dec 2015 - Jan 2016, they were honored to perform internationally for the US troops in 5 countries in SW Asia as part of their Project Gratitude Tour. Appearing locally at Boeing's 100th Anniversary celebration, Rock n' Roll Marathon, Lakefair Festival, Rockout ALS Fests, and Wounded Warrior Benefits. This high energy group is not shy to co-align themselves with movements and organizations they believe in.

The Seattle Weekly suggests that The Adarna are “melodic, polished, and destined for rock radio.” The band has been featured on MTV, Myx TV, M&L TV and about 230+ media outlets/radio worldwide including Fox stations, Sirius XM, Armed Forces Radio, and Harley-Davidson retail with music videos aired in 78 countries.

Their most recent single, “Superman,” gained much success in anime and comic fandom. This resulted in the placement of the song in a new superhero video game by Risen Phoenix Studios as well as earning nominations for Best Music Video at the Fanboy Film Festival.

Their first single, “Honestly”, aired to an audience of 10 million households on MYX TV, one of the largest Asian-American networks (ABS-CBN). The band earned this opportunity by being voted into the top 6 finalist.

This fiery, dynamic, and high-energy sound comes from a concoction of influences from old school rock-n-roll such as The Cult and Guns N Roses to modern rock such as Foo Fighters, Sick Puppies, Halestorm, Queens of the Stoneage, and Muse.

They’ve shared stages with names like Art of Dying, The Guessing Game, Smile Empty Soul, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Windowpane, The Slants, Bobaflex, The Cliks, The Crying Spell and Burning Daylight (Lords of Acid, Powerman 5000, Cage 9 & Ministry).

Tastes Like Rock Magazine states The Adarna are “rising stars of modern rock who will find their way to the top of the heap of bands out there, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Whether you are hard core rockers or alt or punk or even dance pop, you will love The Adarna.”

Jet City Rock!! Interactive modern rock from Seattle.

The Adarna

The Adarna has a show on 07/01/2017 at 09:30 PM @ Slim's Last Chance in Seattle, WA Rock | Seattle

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We are looking forward to our second leg of the Dollars & Dignity Tour! We're doing some regional shows in the meantime but mark your calendars, we're coming to the East Coast! Be sure to get your tickets for SaikouCon 2017! #theadarna #jetcityrock #dollarsanddignitytour #dollarsanddignity #adarna

Post-show with our friends, Flashback Nation #rocknrrollmarathon #theadarna #jetcityrock #flashbacknation #seattlemusic #dollarsanddignitytour

Are you up? 5am load ins :) #theadarna #jetcityrock #haveshowwilltravel #adarna #rocknrrollmarathon

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She Wants Chemicals (LIVE) at Rocklahoma

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William Moore (Vocal Viking, Axe Wielder)
Andreka Jasek (Lead Axe Ninja, Vocal Pirate)
O-Town (Bass Bombardier, Vocal Pirate)
Murdock (Drum Blaster, Doom-hammer Mage)


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