RIP 2008-2013 Extreme Epic Metal from Seattle, Washington. Debut album "Cosmic Cataclysms" available now at WWW.PHALGERON.BANDCAMP.COM & iTunes.

Phalgeron formed in early 2008 within the halls of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California.

In late 2009, Phalgeron relocated to Seattle, WA and reunited with original drummer Ian Rinn. After playing all over the Northwest and going on two west coast tours, Phalgeron recorded their first full length album, “Cosmic Cataclysms." It was released on September 7 during the Cosmic Cataclysms 2012 US tour

Phalgeron has shared the stage with many great bands including Ensiferum, Nile, Turisas, Rhapsody of Fire, Nunslaughter, Alestorm, TYR, Obituary, Cephalic Carnage, Exhumed, Pestilence, Witchaven, PDP, Shaded Enmity, Napalm Death, Finntroll, Kataklysm, Revocation, Cemetery Urn, Inquisition, Exhumed, Sepultura, Belphegor, Decrepit Birth, Keep of Kalessin, Psycroptic, Vital Remains, Broken Hope, Rotten Sound, Skelator, Scorched Earth, KEN Mode, SuidAkrA, Sadistic Intent, Monstrosity, Abigail Williams, Jungle Rot, Toxic Holocaust, Ex Deo, Sanguis Imperem, Enfold Darkness, Arkona, Paganfest, Huntress, and more.

We have been describe as:

Epic Brutal Black Metal
Blackened Power Metal
Heroic Black Metal
Extreme prog

It is with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I announce the disbanding of Phalgeron. Ian, Lane, and myself did a lot of cool things together, but people change and sometimes you just have to move on. No bad blood between us. Fear not, for I sought out to play brutal epic metal long before we knew each other, and will continue to after (Norloxius the Bloodsmoker was my band when I still lived in Idaho for Sagan's sake!) I have a project in the works that is the spiritual successor to Phalgeron, and you will hear both new and tweaked old songs. This is the end of an era, but the beginning of a whole new one. I love you all, smoke blood! -Tyler Sturgill

At Hail Santa this year, we will be joined by the talented Jeremy Salvo on Drums, and shred master Woody Adler on guitar. It sounds most excellent.

It's that time of year again! Come out to Hail Santa IV to see us play for the first time in 6 months!

Come see us at Hail Santa IV at the Josephine on December 20th (In Seattle, WA). It is the only show we will be doing in the immediate future. New songs? Probably, just go and see for yourself.

Even though we weren't playing, we were still represented at Metal Days Fest in Slovenia!

Album Review: VREID – Welcome Farewell

Tyler is now writing for hollwoodmetal(.)com. Here is a review of the latest Vreid album, please feel free to give it a read. VREID Album: Welcome Farewell Released: Feb 22nd, 2013 Label: Indie Recordings Website: Official Score: 9/9 Hammers As the sound of strings coupled w

Greetings. I just wanted to let everyone know that Phalgeron will be on sort of hiatus for the next few months. Huge changes are being made, and new music must be written. Updates will be given, but we will not be playing live again until the weather is grim once more. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, we love you and its been great. This had to happen, and now is the time to usher in a new era. -Tyler

Band Members

Tyler Splurgis - Guitar/Black Metal Vocals
Lane Storli - Bass/Death Metal Vocals
Ian Rinn - Drums


Current Location

Record Label

Creature of the Northwest Records

General Manager

Creature of the Northwest

Booking Agent

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