Swords for Arrows

Swords for Arrows is the rock and roll child of song-writer, singer and guitarist Travis Nelson bassist Gar Hooker and a rotating cast of drummers.

We are a hard working local band with an intense live show not to be missed. We write pop songs that sound like they were lit on fire and sent screaming down a hill in a little red rider wagon in a thunderstorm! Follow our brand of insanity on twitter and if you like the band friend the members we want to see your sexy lil faces on our feeds!!!

Thanks to tall who came out to last Thursday's show at The Substation. Shout out to TBASA - Thanks for the show!

Hey Swordies we miss you! We will be seeing you again soon with more pop rock goodness. Travis has been busy working on his Metallica costume for Haloween. He is going to be a giant butt hole and whenever it makes a sound bros mosh and pretend it's music.

TBT - Travis taking flight. See you all at the Skylark tomorrow (Friday) we go on at 11:30!

Once upon a time there was this band Penny Romance... you can join our Myspace here: https://myspace.com/pennyromance/ It looked like the picture here, and it was rock. This Friday, we're all back together again as Swords for Arrows at The Skylark over in West Seattle at the International Pop Overthrow. We headline. Let's get loud!

We are pretty excited to have one more second a day to ROCK!

Travis here. The High Dive show on Friday was such a blast. Thanks for all those who came out to support some epic local acts. This is a pic of Gar swearing to me with his hand over his heart that the next show will have air conditioning. As much as I love being a one man wet t shirt contest. xoxo

Super big thank you to all who came out last night to The Substation! Super cool new place, and happy to be a part of it!

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Sad Sorry Day live


Band Interests

Pizza, Bunnies, and Sharp things.

Band Members

Travis Nelson, and Gar Hooker,

Past Members:
Eduardo Martinez
Andrea Vettor
Chris Hernandez


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Kenny G
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