David M. Bailey

david is well-known as a 14 yr survivor of a Glioblastoma brain tumor that was to have killed him in 6 months. His amazing story of hope and survival has inspired thousands of fans all over the world. Feb. 26, 1966-Oct. 2, 2010

david spent his childhood in Beirut, Lebanon. He learned his first chords in 7th grade, went on to study classical guitar then soon after began writing his own songs, a passion he would nourish for years to come. The Lebanese civil war forced him to complete high school at a boarding school in Germany where he spent weekends as a street musician. In college, he played extensively in an original acoustic duo, but then put his guitar away and entered corporate America. Ten years later, doctors told david he had a malignant brain tumor (GBM) and would be dead in a few months. While pursuing aggressive treatments at Duke University that included radiation, surgeries and multiple chemotherapies, david left his corporate job and returned to his first love of songwriting and performing. Committed to sharing the hope upon which his life depended he began a relentless writing, recording and touring schedule. Now a 13 year survivor with 20 albums to his name and performances in 21 countries and 45 states, david and his music continue to challenge us all to live passionately and treasure the beauty of each new day His story has been featured on CBS News/48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Fox/Health, Family Health channel, NPR, and dozens of newspapers and magazines across the country. He performed in a wide variety of venues including churches, cancer celebration days, support groups, patient/ caregiver groups, conferences, retreats, & corporate events. In May 2003, he won the prestigious Kerrville NewFolk songwriting competition and shared the stage with many others. From Beirut to Budapest, from Pittsburgh to Portland, and on hundreds of stages in between, he inspired and entertained thousands of listeners and maintained a relentless tour schedule year round. When not on the road, david spent his time at home in Charlottesville VA with his greatest joys: his amazing wife, Leslie and 2 terrific teenage children, Kelcey & Cameron. In Nov 2008, david's tumor returned. After 2 surgeries, he underwent chemotherapy while still maintaining his tour schedule. He he more surgery in the late spring of 2010 and still made a final tour in July 2010. david died on October 2, 2010, fighting to the very end with his tenacious hope, 14 years, 3 months post dx.

You can read his obituary, temporarily, at http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dailyprogress/obituary.aspx?n=david-mark-bailey&pid=145768598

or on his website's "News/Video" link at www.davidmbailey.com

Peace 1997
Love the Time 1998
One More Day 1999
Life 2000
Lost and Found 2001
LIVE 2001
Coffee with the Angels 2002
Rusty Brick Road 2003
Living (DVD) 2003
Silent Conversation 2004
Hope (anthology 2-disc) 2004
Bittersweet 2005
Comfort (anthology) 2005
Two to See 2006
Some Quiet Night (Christmas) 2006
All That Matters 2007
Faith (anthology) 2007
Home By Another Way 2008
Deep Well for the Pastor 2008
Alive & Well (Live CD/DVD) 2008
Notes (Instrumental) 2008
Love -- Still the Greatest (anthology) 2009
Friendship (anthology) 2009
Above & Beyond 2010


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