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The members of The Femurs, born around South Africa, only to meet here at the southern most tip of Africa in mid 2010. Anro Trollip (Guitar and lead vocals) originally came from Durban where he learned to play guitar by his uncle and family. His father, who was a renowned DJ working for EMI in the late 70's and 80's, pumped allot of music into this young mans ears from an early age, thus giving him a weird sense of thinking about music and a love for the blues. Etienne Fourie (Drummer) who is still studying drumming at COPA was found by Anro when he wanted to get started on the whole band thing in 2010, Etienne is well talented in the art of playing drums. His influences nagging to be hard rock with a hint of punk, some would say. Basically an all rounded beat beast.

"The Femurs" started as a 2 mates trying to make some sense of what life was about. Finding that it was impossible to do so they portrait to write music over a period of two years of what they think life was about. Now as its almost complete, the sound they found was expected from the start and gives a gloomy undertone to each members livelihood within the mixture of rock and roll.The Femurs try to keep it to the minimal, almost like the backbone of real music, Clean and fuzzdriven.


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Hard Rock band from Cape Town, South Africa

Merry Merry


Hard Rock band from Cape Town, South Africa

Band Interests

Really wrecking the people in-front of us with unnatural intent and subconscious fluttering.

Band Members

Anro Femurs - Lead Guitars and VOX
Etienne Fourie - Drums


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General Manager

Anro Trollip

Booking Agent

Anro 076 714 8351
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