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Their mission is simple: to make music that inspires involuntary and uncontrollable head-banging and ass-shaking. Mind Vice strives to create a unique fusion of musical styles that they’ve dubbed “sludge-funk”...but at its heart, Mind Vice is a rock ‘n roll band.

"P-Funk meets Def Leppard" - Levi Seitz

"It tickles the heart, sets the blood on fire and gives hope once more for something magical on the horizon…" StonerHive

"not the plastered version of the nineties but one that leans heavily on the example set by older giants and a jamband attitude" - StonerHive

"invest with confidence." Phantasmagoria

Thanks to the fans that made it out today! We appreciate the support! Hempfest was a blast and we hope to see you at Hempfest next year! 🎤

State of the Art: Mind Vice


We're back! And just in time for our set at Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival - Friday at 2pm, here's a badass review from Metal Nexus!


metalnexus.net *This is part of our State Of The Art series, showcasing bands every Monday from the featured State* This month’s State is Washington! Not looking for the normal fare this week. I was looking for something different, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what specifically I was looking for. When I

Port Townsend! Come rock out with us at Sirens Pub tonight! The one and only Josh Eacrett will be opening the night with some acoustic jams at 9:30 sharp, and then we will be laying down the sludge funk all night. See you there!

WOTS - Word On the Street

Check it out! We're on WOTS - Word On the Street this week!! Perfect timing to brush up on your Mind Vice history before you come hang out on April 9 at the Substation.... 5:00PM! Stoked to be sharing the stage for the first time with Stoffel and MONSTERWATCH.

Alright we got Mind Vice on the podcast today. We talk to Walter O'Toole, Michael Knapp, Ian Sides, and Miles Hubbard. We learn how they formed the band, how they use a tascam 4 track and a VCR to record, making hand painted album covers, we go around the horn and learn a little back story on each of them, and so much more. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Featured Music:
"Bluesmotorwolf" by Mind Vice off Humanimality EP
"Wild Ride" by Mind Vice off Set This Thing In Motion

You can find the podcast on iTunes for your iOS and desktop, Stitcher Radio for Android, and Spreaker

Check out these badass shots by Brent Morgan Photography!! Next show is April 9th at the Substation, early show starts at 5:00!

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Band Members

Walter O'Toole on Vocals,
Michael Knapp on Guitar, Ian "Liquid Fingers" Sides on Bass, Miles Hubbard on Drums


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