Fauna Shade

FLORAL HALL out now... Live on KEXP: http://bit.ly/28JXFBG

Fauna Shade are three guys from Everett which sound a lot like that town: Twins Peaks-creepy sunniness mixed with chaotic pulp mill grinding and haunted vocals from the woods nearby. But even after the trio established reverb-drenched full attention by bashing out their first coy noise thrall, it all tasted like cherry pie and a cup of coffee: Every saucy refried-amp lick sounded so tasty inside the shaking rhythms of a bass player and drummer trading off everything from Bat Cave to Boom Bap.

"Lead single “Marzipan” is a strange, swirling, wonderful example of what Smith is capable of. Guitars alternate between jaunty strolls and rippling reverb, feeling like rolling waves of drug-induced color. There’s even a Floydian outro of zapping electronic wiggles. But the most fetching aspect of the track is Smith’s voice itself. It’s somewhere between T. Rex’s Marc Bolan and WU LYF’s Ellery James Roberts, part back-toothed growl, part heady vibrato. The captivating vocals are made even more intriguing by the lyrics about “a brief romantic encounter that [Smith] didn’t want to end too soon”: “What we had was nice/ Mac and cheese, two spoons/ Gone too soon.”

- Consequence of Sound

We're hitting the road this Spring! Come party with us!

Excited to be playing Fishermans Village Music Festival this year!

Make sure to check your boys next time you fly with Alaska Airlines ! We'll be kicking it inside there inflight entertainment box for the month of February!

Back at the Nectar Lounge.

We're very excited to announce that we will be attending SXSW this year for a 2017 official showcase! Stay tuned for more announcements soon to follow!!

Check the whole line up here!

Happy holidaze! Getting excited for the new year!

2016 has been kind to us! Thankful for all the great opportunities and amazing people we have worked with. John Richards from KEXP recommends coming out to our last show of 2016 tonight at the Nectar Lounge with pals Hibou, Great Spiders, and Chris Cheveyo! Hope to see you there!


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Band Members

Scotty Smith (Guitar / Vox)
Richie Owen (Drums)
Derek Johnston (Bass)


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