The musical brainchild of Peter Nielsen. Currently 2129 miles seperate him from the rest of the band. Can the band get legs and get an album out? Hell yes!

Working on our first album... Which is actually 2 albums!

Peter had a bit too much caffeine... (Demo that's not done yet)


New demo up! (Not sure if the band page has actually updated yet... so I'm throwing a link as well!) Peter went a little crazy... (And the rest of the band hasn't heard the demo yet!) So we might tone it down a bit... http://soundcloud.com/thelobocop/peter-had-a-bit-too-much

soundcloud.com Work in progress... We'll probably dial it down a bit... unless you like it... then we'll bring it hard and heavy all the time.

We're so close to hitting triple digits!!! Tell your friends about us. It's knowing that people want to listen to us that motivates us most to keep going! Thanks for everyone's support!!!

"I just need a face space or whatever." - everyone's favorite drummer, Salvatore.

Got a few new demos in the works! Might even hae some new stuff posted tomorrow :)

Holy hell, Pliny the Elder is at the Taphouse in Bellevue!

Back in the lab tomorrow!!!!!!!! With Tyler's new guitar and a photoshoot to boot!

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Peter Nielsen
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Brian Bishop
Salvatore Palazzolo


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