Aliens sent Tom the Noisemonger to meet Chemical Callum who together harness an explosion within the science of sound. Acoustics with retro electro flavour

Aliens sent Tom the Noisemonger back from the future through an almost infinite regressional vortex to wander the earth smoking space weed and making strange noises for reasons yet to be made clear. Recently he was abducted by Chemical Callum to make beats and sounds for his ongoing quest for the 13th note in and out of the mothership 'The Emotive Underground'.
However, things soon spiralled out of control as the pair had created a barely containable explosion of scientific sound.
Luckily for all, they had harnessed this immense power and now they are ready to fight the mighty sand worm..

Deciples of sound 'The Chemistry Set' formed as an awesome art collective containing many humanoid flavours of unique, stylish and expressive individuals. Men from Mars, women from Venus, hermaphrodites from Orgon and anything inbetween. Everyone transported up to the mothership 'Emotive Underground' to join fellow crew members Massi Nuomam, man of electro instilled sounds and acoustic accompaniment. All of this experimentally intertwined with Ross Cunningham burning up the space bass, fusing rhythms with the time mindset of a rocket heading for endless multi-dimensions...

The Tryptamines consciousness waveform structure is connected by space dimension and time planetary voter the wablab Through telepathy alone he projects touchable holograms of spectacular views creating a visual opera you can almost smell as it caresses the sound vibrations.
He documents and films short movies that morph into a constant journey projected back to earth in every home through the planets natural vortexes. produced by mighty musical remixture master HAMISH "MORPHAMISH" CAMPBELL who is now very much on the main mix controller on mother ship THE EMOTIVE UNDERGROUND

Fellow interplanetary projector of visions and sounds kidProquo receives the motherships main psychedelic connection down in the Wab Lab control room. His mission is clear, fill the remaining ether through live broadcasts whenever the telepathic call commences.

This shit's funky as a monkey on acid in a bubble ship bounding straight to Uranus.


boomshanka mankee skankee Any record that styles itself utterly unselfconsciously as a concept album is to be applauded royally. When said record is being performed by a band led by someone called Chemical Callum, it’s a fair assumption you’re in for a laugh riot. And so is the case here. With knobs on. The Way Which Can Be…

Rave Child

REVIEW nice een cheers afa muckle .

Record: Tryptamines - The Way That Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way [Fitlike Records]. Words: Pee Gee Aitken.


Interview to whom it may concern. Shmee. We caught up with Tryptamines Chemical Callum to find out more about his musical journey following the release of the band's concept album The Way Which Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way.

Trypatmines release album ‘The Way Which Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way’! | News | A Badge Of Friendship

Guid reviews guid reaction. Loads o gigs lined up funky monkey magic. Tryptamines album 'The Way That Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way' out now and available to buy on Bandcamp

Premiere: Tryptamines - 'A Landslide O Tiny Robots' - Gigslutz Led by composer, multi-instrumentalist and poet, Callum Peterkin, Tryptamines are set to release a new concept album tomorrow. Having battled a severe arm injury, as well as depression and a cancer scare, Peterkin and co. have now released several records,...

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TRYPTAMINES 'Metropolis'
IMA music award nomination Chemical Callum from TRYPTAMINES in...
TRYPTAMINES . insulin overdose n white blues.

Band Members

Chemical Callum: Vocals, Piano CP-70, Hammond and Leslie, Bass and Guitars, Squeeze box and Harmonium.
Tom the Noise Monger: Vocals, Samples, Guitars, Tiny Broken Keyboards, Echoes & Noise.
The Chemistry Set:Hamish MORPHAMISH Campbell. Recording, Production & Assembly.soundsound studios. Andrew Davidson (aka Hamish): Bass Guitar. Massi Nuomam (brother from another mother): Percussion, Harmonium, Microkorg. FOX BEATS.bass guitar.drums .baritone

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Fitlike records
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