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Having international pop stars tweet to their millions of followers that they love the song you just posted on YouTube is not an unusual experience for Peyton McMahon. Whether it is worldwide legacy music artists such as Shakira, Gavin Degraw or Kelly Clarkson, or new breakout phenomenons such as Little Mix, Fifth Harmony or the Vamps, they all have been impressed with the performance and interpretation of their songs by Peyton McMahon, and have let their fans know it.

In addition to impressing pop stars across the globe, Peyton McMahon has also gained notoriety by winning numerous music competitions for his musical renditions. One Republic featured Peyton on all of their social media platforms for his cover of their song, “Counting Stars”. When Ryan Seacrest held a nationwide competition to find the best cover of the song “Team” by Lorde, Peyton finished second in nationwide voting.

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Peyton’s interest in music started at a young age. “My grandmother was a piano teacher, and she tried to teach me piano, but I had no interest in formal lessons and had a limited attention span as do most young boys. I preferred to play by ear and teach myself. So after months of frustration, we mutually agreed to give up on the lessons, but I continued to teach myself how to play, and then later did the same with the guitar”.

“My interest in performing and playing music was somewhat of a fluke. I always loved music and loved to sing, but that was something that I only did by myself and never in the presence of anyone else. No one on earth had ever heard me sing. Then, when I was 16, my family took a vacation to Disney World. At the time, “American Idol” was huge on TV, and Disney World had an American Idol Experience attraction where they basically recreated the show’s vocal competition and selection process. It was held in this large theater full of thousands of people. My sister goaded me into entering the competition as a bet, so I got over my stage fright and forced myself to audition. I ended up getting through the various rounds, then won the first show, and finally ended up winning the finale. That was pretty wild because there was this huge mass of people in the theatre cheering for me, and that was the first time I ever sang in public. The next day at Disneyworld, people that had been in the audience were recognizing me and treating me like I was a celebrity asking me for autographs and pictures which was pretty surreal. Needless to say, I concluded that it would be pretty cool if I could do this for a living.”

“Back in Baton Rouge, nobody had any idea I could sing, but a couple of YouTube videos that audience members had posted from the American Idol Experience were discovered by some of my friends, and those videos were shared until pretty much everyone at my high school had seen them. After that, I began playing in bands with friends in different competitions and gigs.”

Besides singing songs by other artists, Peyton also writes his own songs. “I would describe my music as radio friendly mainstream pop music in the same vein as Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, The Script and Gavin DeGraw. It would definitely fit into Top 40 radio today. I try to focus on coming up with a catchy hook and a memorable melody, and then try to write lyrics that hopefully tell a story or create something personal that the listener can relate to. When I write, my goal is create a song that has an effect on the listener. I want to make them feel the song as well as hear it.”

“Because I am young, I think my music is probably geared more toward the high school to college-aged listener, although I also get a good response to my music from people in all age categories. Really, I think anyone who likes pop music is my audience”

At 21 years of age, Peyton McMahon is directing his sights to the future. “I would definitely like to be able to perform on a large platform and be able to make music for a living. Music is my passion. There really isn’t anything that moves me and inspires me like music. Currently, I am focused on writing, playing gigs and getting as many people as possible to hear my music through YouTube and other social media sites. I also plan to record an EP. Long term, I would like to have a large enough audience where where I can play on a national level and work with some of the artists and producers that I admire”


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“Empire” (Shakira Cover) -
“Sing” (Ed Sheeran Cover) -
”Counting Stars” (One Republic Cover) -
“Team” (Lorde Cover) –
“Lego House” (Ed Sheeran Cover) -
“Talking to the Moon” (Bruno Mars Cover) -
“Story of My Life” (One Direction Cover) -

“Outta of My Mind” –
“If You Only Knew” –
“Gotta Get Out” -

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