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Official Video " IMAGINE "

from the forthcoming #RICHTHOUGHTSPOORHABITS mixtape dropping June 30th
IMAGINE available on itunes now.

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Ladies u don't have to argue that man down and always be right. full video @

Sit Down
Sit Yo Ass Down Yu Heard !!! lmaoo

Coming soon Cashflow Harlem

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover!!! 😮😮😮😮

One Thing for Sure Two things for Certain He is the future Champion and i said it on my page My Guy >>> Brandyn Lynch has extraordinary skills and knows and shows the work ethic and dedication !!

She the Shit ? HoodCelebrityy #IMTHESHIT


TRAILER : "WISHES "Boyz n The Hood meets Love & HipHop #Cashflowharlem starring #Mendeecees from Love & HipHop see the full >>>

Now This Is What You Call "Love And Hip Hop"!!! 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

Brandyn Lynch a future Champion and present KO artist!! U heard it from Cashflow Harlem first

Damn did Remy go too Far with this #Shether +++ LIVE

Sis you good!?

WOW ! This is incredible Rosey Gold #Soulution

They Str8 SNAPPED😵😵😵 #sprungchallenge

LICK ~ 👅FEAT Cardi B ..and Migos Offset #gbmv2 #cardiblick

When you hit every beat 🤦‍♂️ Swoozy&Rodge #sprungchallenge

I needed all 3 of them for Valentine's Day 😍😍 #SprungChallenge


God, These Bars and keep Focused ! #CASHFLOWHARLEM

The making of a Champion !! Brandyn Lynch

AFTER DARK TALK...Ladies I never knew yall using Lifesavers Candy and Grapefruit Like THIS !!! WOW Full Video >>> The K MACK Experience

Who knew Eddie Murphy nephew hit hard like This !! Check him at Brandyn Lynch By Panterita Promotions

😮😮😮😮 by C Flow Harlem

😮😮🔥🔥 By C Flow Harlem

WOW. He Killed This "Black Beatles" Track!!! O.B.A.M.A!!!! By C Flow Harlem

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Cover by @joshxantus 2016 was a year of many highlights and also many lows! We lost legends, but we also gained icons! We express our deepest condolences to the families who've experienced loss this year! We wish nothing less than love and prosperity in the year 2017.. 🚨 FULL VIDEO >>>>

New York Power 105.1 Freestyle with DJ EMEZ

They killed biggie!!! Lol

When All Fails Take matters in your own hands !!

Never Tell
" NEVER TELL" This what happens when you BRAG and talk too much !!!!

WENT HARD with a MEAN 16 The Rapfest and my new video and music page C Flow Harlem


"NEVER" Available on the #UNDERESTIMATED album Click the link to get a free Download with Nonsignup needed >>>

Download for free on the Cashflow Harlem and Cardi B Underestimated Album FREE No signup neccessary click here to get it >>>>>>>

#SoGoneChallenge #PressPlay

Ladies: Words Of Advice On Choosing Your Man

Rich Thoughts Poor Habits
Cashflow Harlem movie trailer" Rich Thoughts Poor Habits" available on i Tunes and everywhere

WOW: This video is Dope !!!!! Perfect example of a twisted LOVE story !! #CARDIB #CASHFLOWHARLEM #RYANDUDLEY " Want My Love Back "

WOW: He Killed This Jay-Z & Future "Keys" Track With Pure Facts!!!! #BLACKLIVESMATTER


Rich Thoughts Poor Habits Movie
"Rich Thoughts Poor Habits " Movie... WOW !

Stop supporting strangers. Support those who support you. #RichThoughtsPoorHabits NOW ..#topdown

Tour Rehearsal

Mixtape Dropped Today!!

Rich Thoughts Poor Habits
Can you "Imagine" !! My Official Video gonna blow your mind June 30th #RichThoughtsPoorhabits

Official Video " IMAGINE " from the forthcoming #RICHTHOUGHTSPOORHABITS mixtape dropping June 30th IMAGINE available on itunes now.

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