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Ramón Amor Amezcua Sanchez (born November 10, 1962), a.k.a. Bostich is an electronic music composer.

Amezcua is an important figure in electronic music, especially in Mexico, Tijuana, and along the USA-Mexico border regions, but also in the United States and internationally. He has written songs for The Nortec Collective, as well as Nortec Collective presents: Bostich+Fussible. He has earned several Grammy Nominations, the most recent in 2011 for Bulevard 2000 by Nortec Collective Presents Bostich+Fussible under the category of Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album.

Amezcua is considered the Godfather of Nortec by producers and fans alike since Bostich's early Nortec music clearly established the characteristics of his style: an interest in the electronic exploration, fragmentation, and reconstitution of tarola (snare drum) rhythmic patterns and tuba sounds and timbres, and their combinatorial possibilities.His song “Polaris“ marks the genesis of the Nortec style of music with its sequenced burpy tubas and machinegun drum sprays.

Amezcua began his career as a recording artist and performer in the early 1990s when electronic music began to gain prominence in Mexico. He has recorded consistently since 1992 using the aliases Bostich, Point Loma, Monnithor and Las Cajas del Ritmo. As Bostich, he has collaborated with film directors (Les Bernstein, Hans Fjellestad, Emilio Maillé, Alex Rivera), writers (José Manuel Valenzuela, Alejandro L. Madrid), and musicians and composers (Pauline Oliveros, Kronos Quartet, Alan Parsons, The Baja California Orchestra, Wolfgang Flür Kraftwerk and Uwe Schmidt Atom).

Since 2007, Amezcua has performed with Pepe Mogt, together known as "Bostich+Fussible," and presenting themselves in concert as Nortec Collective presents: Bostich+Fussible. In 2011, the duo were honored performers at the opening ceremony of the 2011 Pan-American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Established and created Nortec

Preparando el set para @avayastadium 27 de Mayo @oficialgio @lagalaxy @sjearthquakes

Preparandonos para el juego @avayastadium @oficialgio 27 de Mayo San Jose CA @lagalaxy @sjearthquakes

En Americas Quarterly de este mes..

MONUMENTO A LA REVOLUCIÓN-CDMX. La cita el 9 de Junio!!!!!!!!!!!

mañana martes vamos a L.A., estaremos jugando Playstation FIFA con un jugador conocido de futbol, ya les contaremos

foto Josue Castro

Listos para las próximas fechas!
20 mayo Ensenada
27 mayo San Jose CA
9 junio Monumento a la Revolución

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