Transceiver is the musical unit of Terri Pearson (Walkabouts, Terri Tarantula), Rich Brisbois (4 Hour Ramona), and their comrades/comradettes.

What Are You Waiting For / Transceiver

So much fun recording yesterday. I had just 3 hours to spare before getting home to make dinner for my kids, and then get to ACME Band practice. We bullshitted for an hour, and then got the basics down. Love the special sauce everyone added after I left! Transceiver is Terri Pearson, Rich Brisbois and comrades/comradettes. WYW4 words and music: Rich Brisbois. Tracked and mixed by Matt Brown at Crackle and Pop on September 01, 2015. MORE:

Fun afternoon recording with Matt Brown in town and at the knobs!

Thanks for coming to the Hattie's show, everyone! See you at Conor Byrne on Sat Sept 26...we will be opening for Walter Salas-Humara (of the Silos) at a special 6:00-8:00 early show.


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