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Vatsala Mehra-Singer

Ms. Mehra is the winner of the Best International Woman Ghazal Singer award and is the first Indian woman ghazal singer to have released a ghazal video, Nigahen and lives in Washington DC. she has recently released s Sufi Cd "Mere saaiyan" and is available on iTunes, amazon, google and cd Baby.

Vatsala Mehra had her formal training, in classical singing from Ustad Momim Khan Saab of Lucknow Gharana. Her breathtaking voice, with its perfect bass notes and astonishing range, breaks all barriers with its purity. Her style of presentation seems to add sheen to the timeless renditions.

In 1980 her first album, Guftgu, was released. Since then the trek has always been upward. It was followed by Shamakhana II in 1981; Khazana I and Khazana II in 1982 and 1983 respectively; Nigahen in 1984; Hasrat in 1985; followed by Nasheeli Peshkash and two pop albums, Ole Ole and Jhoom Jhoom. Atalantic Video released the Nigahen video in 1992. Other ghazal releases include Shokian in 1993, Gubar in 1996, Meri Jaan in 1999, and Live at the Kennedy Center in 2006. She released another album Shokiyan in 2009, and a Sufi cd "Mere Saaiyan"

Ms. Mehra belongs to the Lucknow Gharma. Her guru, Ustad Momin Khan, is the son of Ustad Iqbal Ali Khan (1901-1980), grandson of Ustad Khurshid Khan (1835-1950), and great grandson of Ustad Sadiq Ali Khan (1800-1910). Ustad Sadiq Ali Khan was the creator of Thumri and of several ragas. He was a Raj Gayak for the Emporer Wajid Ali shah and the Maharaja of Gwalior amongst several others.

Ms. Mehra was honored with an award by the Government of India for her contribution in projecting India's musical tradition.After her numerous performances all over the world, Ms mehra came once again to The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C for the third time in 2009 and mesmerized the audience with her unique style, gayaki, bass, mood - incorporating all of this in the favorite themes of love, God, life and death.

Ms. Mehra is the founding Director of The Balaji Music Academy in McLean, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, D.C.).
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Released my new Sufi audio "Mere Saaiyan"singles available on iTunes

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