The Sally Rose Band

Indie rock meets retro soul. Sweet, southern grit with warm, scuzzy guitar lines and rough water cello. Powerful, doo wop glittered vocals and blood harmon

“Sally Rose has all the charisma of a rock ‘n’ roll star paired with the grit and charm of an old-fashioned Southern girl. A woman of various musical incarnations, she brings attitude and solid chops [to every show]” (Cville Weekly). The Sally Rose Band has been described as Charlottesville's sugar and spice “glitter rock” queen. Crooning about ghosts, witches, moons and heart ache in a pin-up get up. Catherine Monnes sews in colorful textures with cello and electric violin. "Sweet Pete" Stallings adds undeniable grunge undertones on electric guitar, cowriting a handful of the songs. Benjamin Jensen and David Jacobs tighten the mix with a driving, funky rhythm section. Together, mother and daughter sing haunting, blood harmonies that intertwine seamlessly. Sally Rose’s music twirls, it shines, it tip-toes & seduces, you’ll fall in love & get drunk off of it. It’ll melt your heart, and break you down.
   Sally Rose released four independent albums since the age of 16. Mostly folk records until the County Wide Records release "Oh My Stars!"(2014). Her heart filled lyrics and soulful, doo-wop inspired vocals hit hard with the full band. Halloween of 2014 the band shot a music video for their radio hit "Bones" with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Johnny St Ours.
   The SRB began touring the following summer, playing big stages such as The Jefferson Theater, Tom Tom Fest, Sprint Pavilion, The Mercury Lounge and LOCKN' Festival with heavy hitters Willie Nelson, Grace Potter, Tom Petty, Wilco and many more. "Oh my stars!" flaunted a whole new edge for the infectious and blossoming starlet.
   "Sally Rose is all about fake outs in the greatest way. The first few seconds of her brilliantly-video’d tune “Bones” will shoot you right back to the days of Mellow Gold or Odelay-era Beck: a humming upright bass line tinged with the willfully wimpy click of a drum machine and question marks as to where the song’ll head next. But in comes Sally Rose—her voice so melodically confident, so strong that you’ve all but forgotten the uneasiness that’s still chugging beneath. And right when you think you’ve got it all pinned down, she gives us some perfectly placed and equally sweet sprinkles of cleanly strummed and picked guitar—the best idea we never expected.
   And what’s more: The whole damn song might as well be an extended hook, one with enough variation to keep us on our toes waiting for her next whistle or word. Like all her music, “Bones” showcases Sally’s knack for arrangements that always excite and never overstuff." -Cville Weekly
   Spring of 2015, the band recorded "Gotta Be Gold" at Sound Of Music Studios in RVA with producer and mastermind John Morand. Staying up late, eating grocery store sushi, sleeping on the floor, drinking cheap red wine and shaping the edgier, rockier sound for The SRB. This record embodies sinking, fuzzy guitar riffs, one sugary folk duet, Grace Potter-esque vocal stylings, 90's grunge era progressions, a hint of spooky soul and guest appearances by Erin Lunsford (Erin & The Wildfire) and Lauren Hoffman (The Secret Storm). Highlights from the new record include sultry and alluring Pop My Balloon, the hook glittered title track, and an a capella treat at the end. The smoking hot music video for the title track (shot by Rich Tarbell) flaunts glitter bombs, gold eye shadow and go go dancers. 106.1 The Corner picked Gotta Be Gold as one of the top 5 albums of the year, dubbing it as the Fight Like A Girl Anthem. As Toby Leaman of Dr Dog said, Gotta Be Gold is the embodiment of "sweet, girl power rock n roll".

Indie rock meets retro soul. Sweet, southern grit with warm, scuzzy guitar lines and rough water cello. Powerful, doo wop glittered vocals and blood harmonies.


TOO. KOOL. Thanks for a zany Sunday Kool Booth & Bold Rock Hard Cider!

Thanks for having Kool Booth this afternoon for The Sally Rose Band jams at the cidery!

There's not a whole lot cooler than the @koolbooth hosting @ozzyosbourne & #SallyRose at the @boldrockhardcider gig yesterday. It rained, it hailed we rocked on anyway, man!
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Join us tomorrow afternoon at @boldrockhardcider in Afton from 1-4pm, sugar babes! The sun will be shining, the cider is on point and the views are freaking gorgeous! @koolbooth will be there as well, so dress to the 9's! Xo, SR
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The Sally Rose Band

The Sally Rose Band has a show on 05/07/2017 at 01:00 PM @ Bold Rock Har... in Nellysford, VA Rock | Nellysford

All Buddy Autism Benefit - Tristan Williams Photography

Lovely photos by our pal Tristan Williams at the All Buddy Autism Benefit w/Joe Lawlor & Friends/We Are Star Children/Lauren Hoffman/Sally Rose/Hunter Bruton/Matt McDavitt/Johnny Tenney last week. <3 My dear friend Aimee helped organize a fundraising concert to benefit the Robin and Mani All Budy Camp at The Ante Room. I couldn’t do the cause justice, so I invited her to write a …

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Such a blast at @blue_moon_diner with @koolbooth and all our beloved diner devotees last Saturday night! Go get some killer burgers in before they temporarily close in May! #xoxo #TheSallyRoseBand #KoolBooth #bluemoondiner

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Band Members

Sally Rose: vox, guitar
Catherine Monnes: electric fiddle, cello, vox
Sweet Pete Stallings: lead guitar, vox
Benjamin Jensen: bass
David Jacobs: drums


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County Wide Records

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Sally Rose
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