Seattle-based trio, Goat, brings forth a new style of instrumental rock that is all their own. Fusing heavy distorted riffs and angular melodies with sophisticated harmonic and rhythmic structures, Goat create an effective balance of dynamic songwriting and spirited improvisations with a sense of direction and purpose. Greg Sinibaldi’s amplified tenor saxophone, Electronic Wind Instrument and atmospheric electronic loops, combined with Skiff Feldspar’s poly rhythmic, octave-driven guitar ostinatos and open-ended chord voicings, are supported by the multi-layered rhythmic pacing of Chris Icasiano’s drums. Together, this combo can steer it’s audience through a maze of surrealistic calamity, psychedelic dream scape and all-out heavy rocking.

There is another band by the name of "GOAT" playing around Seattle. If you see the name, it is not us.

Uncle Pooch

Check out the avant/metal band Uncle Pooch which includes former members of GOAT

Like the ostracized Dr. Moreau and his LSD-obsessed assistant Dr. Montgomery, Uncle Pooch has given life to a new breed of music. The vivisection of grindcore, free-jazz and good old-fashioned thrash spawned what they’ve dubbed, “Instrumental-Metal-Jazz”. Heavy, sludgy grooves turn on a dime into quick-fingered riffs before slipping sideways into abstract improvisations.

The origin of the moniker “Uncle Pooch” can be traced to an obscure character in a David Lynch film. With that “Lynch” disposition, the founders of the Seattle based group, bassist Shane Smith and guitarist Tony Stevens, began composing and arranging the edgy, abrasive music. Drummer Denali Williams (Cracker Factory, Thomas Mapfumo) and experimental Electric Wind Instrumentalist (EWI) Greg Sinibaldi (Burnlist, Frieze of Life) joined the roster shortly thereafter.

Uncle Pooch released its debut album, Conduct Unbecoming, on The IBCT record label (www.theibct.com) in March, 2010. The full length recording includes appearances by guitarist RL Heyer (The True Spokes, Cracker Factory) and vocalist Kimo Muraki (Surrealized, Slow Bunny). It also features the Naked City-esque track Assault & Battery Acid, as well as the epic middle-eastern slammer Fallujah. Dennis Cook of Jambase.com wrote, “Their [Uncle Pooch] debut, Conduct Unbecoming, packs a wallop but you’ll gladly dive back into the pit when they barrel into each pulsating soundscape.”

Near the end of 2011, Greg Sinibaldi played his last show with Uncle Pooch and moved on to other musical endeavors. In keeping with their notorious weirdo mentality, Uncle Pooch summoned avant-guitarist Zach Stewart to fill out their abstract sound.

The eccentric quartet is due to release its sophomore album, Oneirophrenia, in spring 2012 on The IBCT. It features a thirty-three minute track portraying the effects of a condition caused by sleep deprivation and/or too many psychoactive drugs. In addition to Oneirophrenia, Uncle Pooch and The IBCT will simultaneously release an untitled live recording. The full length album consists of ferocious improvisations arranged into compositions.

GOAT has decided to take an indefinite hiatus. Please go check out Burnlist, Bad Luck, The Higgs Boson, and stay tuned for Skiff's new band with Shane Smith & Mike Peterson.

Thanks to Zero G and all who came out to the show last night. That was a blast!!!

Tonight, we play at Cafe Venus/Mars Bar(609 Eastlake Ave. East) in Seattle. Show starts at 9pm and we go on at 10pm.

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Zero-G Concerts

September 15th at Mars Bar. Stay tuned for more!!!

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Skiff Feldspar - electric guitar,loops, effects
Greg Sinibaldi - tenor saxophone, Electronic Wind Instrument, loops, effects
Chris Icasiano - drums


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