Mark Guiser Music

Mark Guiser Music

One of Pittsburgh's best known Irish singers! Mark has been a staple, playing at Pittsburgh's most popular Irish venues since 1996.

One of Pittsburgh's best known Irish singers! Mark has been a staple, playing at Pittsburgh's most popular Irish venues since 1996. His pleasing and powerful voice allows him to deliver everything from the most solemn Irish ballad to the the most upbeat Irish rock song to the pleasure of the crowd in front of him.
Mark's strong Irish connection has allowed him the opportunity to travel regularly to Sligo, the hometown of his best friend and wife Fiona, where he has become well known within the music community. This has provided him with a perspective that most other Irish-American entertainers have not been lucky enough to have acquired. Music is a part of life in Ireland. The Irish people have a great appreciation of the message of the song as well as the passion and delivery by the performer.
With an understanding that Irish people don't just sit around listening to and singing Irish music, Mark has developed a skill for connecting with his audience and understanding when to incorporate other music (i.e. American, Scottish, Canadian)into his performances.
We hope you will enjoy listening to a few of Mark's recordings. If you like what you hear, please "Like" his page "Mark Guiser Music" on Facebook so you can be kept up to date on his performances and any other music-related topics regarding Mark Guiser. You can also hear a few of his recording at

Two gigs this weekend. Hope to see you there!

Friday 9:00pm
Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle Irish Pub

Saturday 8:00pm
Riley's Pour House (Carnegie)

One more day! Come on out!

Alright! We made it another year. I hope to see many of you this Saturday. Get in out of the cold at the Harp and Fiddle and/or the Rochester Inn. Come prepared to join in on the fun, singing, clapping, stomping along.

OK... We are nearly there!!! St. Paddy's Day is just around the corner. Attached is Mark's March Schedule. Hope you can make it out over Parade Day or the Day Itself! If you don't want to deal with the craziness, there are a few other opportunities to celebrate.
Don't forget to bring your Irish Song requests and be ready to sing/clap/stomp along. Let's make it a St. Paddy's to remember!

Two gigs this weekend!

Friday, Feb 17 - Siebs Pub (Babcock Blvd) for the Great Guinness Toast - 8:00-Midnight.

Saturday, Feb 18 - Riley's Pour House (Carnegie) - 8:00-Midnight. Great chance to warm up for St. Paddy's Season! Parade Day is March 11th and is coming fast.

Mark will be performing at Mullaney's's Harp & Fiddle this Friday Evening from 9:00pm. A night of Irish music to warm up for the St. Paddy's season. Time to get started...

So, here is Mark's schedule for the next couple of weeks... Hope you can make it!
Friday, Feb 3rd - North Park Lounge (Babcock Blvd)
Mix of Irish and other songs - depending on
the crowd
Friday, Feb 10th - Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle
Irish Favorites
Friday, Feb 17 - Sieb's Pub (Babcock Blvd)
8:00-Midnight - Great Guinness Toast
Mix of Irish and other songs - depending on
the crowd

St. Paddy's Day is quickly approaching... Time to start conditioning yourself for those long days of music and revelry!
Mark's St. Paddy's schedule will be posted soon.

So, for those of you who have complained that there is not enough live music north of the city, Mark will be playing at the North Park Lounge in McCandless (Babcock Blvd, just off McKnight Road) next Friday evening from 9:30 n 1:30. If we get enough people there, maybe we can convince them to offer live music more often. Keep in mind, although the sign says "band", this will be a solo performance and will likely be a mix of American songs and Irish favorites, but that will depend on the crowd. Hope to see you there!

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