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I am a classically-trained lyric baritone. I perform aria/Broadway/Big Band/soft rock music. Check out my page or youtube or website. Please like my page! CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE @

From Mozart to Sinatra and from Francis Poulenc to Richard Rogers, Thomas Wilson has been wowing audiences with his resonant voice and passionate singing for years. A classically-trained lyric baritone, he first entered the world of opera and art song when he was awarded a tuition waiver to study vocal performance at the University of Arizona. In spite of his abilities for opera and art song he endeavors to preserve vocal versatility in not just the classical literature but also the other vocal genres he loves such as Broadway, big band, soft rock, and other pop style genres.
One of the most enriching experiences was his invitation and scholarship to the Strangland Family Youth Choral Academy of the Oregon Bach Festival. He and the other 79 nationally selected singers in this Choir had the privilege of being instructed by German Grammy-award winning conductor Helmuth Rilling. Locally he has worked the Wieck Chamber Singers and Orchestra as well as the Arizona Youth Chamber Ensemble.
Wilson has begun his profession as a singer at O’Shaunessy’s Piano Bar, performing classical, jazz, crooner, and musical theater. He is contracted as an understudy performer at the Tucson renowned Gaslight Theater. For two years Wilson was a volunteer cast member of the Da Vinci Players under the direction of Equity actor/director Robert Encila. Thomas also was a cast member of Arizona Onstage’s debut of the pop opera Lost, and he participated in the original soundtrack recorded for that same work.
Wilson knows that an education is not gained solely through institutions but life experience and struggle. In fact he chose to put his university degree on hold and for last two years and was serving as a missionary to Argentina where he shared his faith and voice with the people there he has come to love. This experience is the defining of his life, and much of who he is and what he knows he owes to this adventure and the love felt for his brothers and sisters he served in that beautiful land. Wilson accredits his formal training to: Martina Martinez, Stephanie Fox, Prof. Grayson Hirst, the late Dr. Larry Day, and currently studies with Prof. Larry Alexander. Currently, Wilson is completing his Bachelors of the Arts in music from the University of Arizona.

Resonant voice, accomplished in show tunes but with some legitimate training in opera, also i love to sing anything from rock to Motown (if you will let me).


An original composition by Brian West was finally finished today, he was so gracious to ask me to sing it. Check it out on my website under recordings THOMAS WILSON: LYRIC BARITONE/ACTOR

Totally Got paid to do a recording gig this week. Thanks Brian West for the opportunity. An original song called "bella" by brian west. Original vocals-Thomas Wilson so exciting

Project Update February 25th

You know, scholars of music history have said that Brahms and other brilliant symphonic composers were scared to compose too many major symphonies because they felt threatened by Beethoven. Why even bother with 7, 8, or 9 symphonies they thought, we will never out do the master of symphony, "he did NINE!" they said,"and he did all you could do with those, there is no creativity left for us to discover". The guy had been dead for years! Still in partial reverence/fear for his majesty, and perhaps with a dash of spite, composers avoided to scale (scale, get it?) the wall of Beethoven's symphonic accomplishment. Scholars have interpreted this style of thinking from some of the great composers of the Romantic and Neo-Classical periods, and in all fairness the guy did compose one of the most memorable and impressive works of the early romantic period while deaf... So now you can better understand why I won't be doing any covers of Michael Bublé on my demo, even though I practically worship the ground he walks on. I have been struggling to choose the last songs I wish to include in my demo. I have the four I chose last week, but now I'm torn and a little worried about my other choices. For all you singers out there you know what I mean (or any musician perhaps) when i say, that when you learn a song improperly either through laziness or bad habits, it can be nigh impossible to change. There are some songs in my reportory that require more concentration than others because of bad habits from my earlier years of training. Nevertheless I have committed to this project and will make it work. So for the moment I will stick with the four from last week and tentatively choose "Time to Say Goodbye" in the style of Andrea Bocceli (love him), "Maria" from Bernstein's West Side Story, and the old crooner standard "Come fly with me". For now this is my selection and I will begin practicing them and getting the backing tracks, but I reserve the right to change if deemed necessary (its my album I can change if I want to, change if I want to, change if I want to la la la).
Oh I almost forgot, I have solicited the vocal services of the beautiful and talented Kendy Van Degraff to sing "The Prayer" with me, and I am still considering options for "I'd Give It All For You". Till next week!

Project update February 18th

And so it begins, my first album, my initial embarkment into legitimate recording. I have some apprehension in pursuing a proper recording as I sally forth to conquer the bane of my musical life. I haven't had much success in the past with recording. I have always given the usual excuses "too busy" "too rusty" "not ready", but no more! It is time to put all that behind and make grandma proud (she has been guilt-tripping me for years for not having a recording for her to listen to). I am actually ecstatic to be actually making a recording. I know a lot of singers cringe at the sound of their own voice recorded like I do, but time to suck it up and share this gift that makes my life great. The song selection process is coming along. I have selected one operatic piece and one musical theater piece, as well as two duets I would like to do. I haven't yet confirmed what lovely ladies will showcase their voices with me just yet, but I have some ideas. I am going to sing one of my staples, the broadway famous "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables and also the more challenging "Deh Viene Ala Finestre" from Don Giovanni. These two numbers should show my passion for theatrical songs in both broadway and operatic forms. I have selected two beautiful duets that showcase more or less the same two styles, but show a vocal collaboration with female voice, and they are David Fosters "The Prayer" (made famous by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli) and Jason Robert Browns "I'd Give It All For You" from his beautiful broadway musical Songs For a New World. Alright world here I come four beautiful songs, now I just need to find the right girls for the two duets and finish choosing the songs. Also this week I am scheduling studio time, wish me luck with that, it can get kinda competitive to find slots at UA recording.

for future updates you can check the website every week on wed.

Jan King Shoot

Jan King Shoot


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