System of a Down

We're excited to announce the release of additional tickets to our upcoming concerts in Hamburg and Hannover in Germany and Nancy, France. A portion of the proceeds for each of these tickets sold will benefit Orran, an organization established to help children and the elderly in Armenia with a variety of essential services. Thank you so much for your support.

Genocide deniers have been actively attempting to discredit this touching and poignant depiction of love during the most adverse and dark times in Armenian history. Join us in celebrating this stirring film and the talented artists involved who helped bring it to life.

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Join Daron Malakian and The Orbellion (formerly The Millennials) this Friday night at The Viper Room. Tickets available here:
📸: @danielarotar

Code Orange will be a special guest on a handful of our headline dates this summer. Go to for details.

Metal Hammer

Shavo sat down with Ernie Ball - String Theory to talk about what performing live means to him and why he made the switch from guitar to bass. Check out the article and video below.

“Anybody can go put on the album and listen to it. I think when you're playing live, it should be a show."

Bayram & Giyas

Vandalism, yes, punk rock? Definitely, but 12 years in prison? Only in a corrupt failed state like Azerbaijan. I've worked with Amnesty International for many years and their letter writing campaigns have had an incredible success rate freeing prisoners of conscience around the world. Please participate at the link below. Thanks, Serj. #Write4Rights Bayram Mammadov and Giyas Ibrahimov dared to criticize the state in the most public way they could. They painted a defiant message on the statue of Azerbaijan’s former president – on the eve of his…

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John Dolmayan – Drums
Daron Malakian – Guitar, Vocals
Shavo Odadjian – Bass
Serj Tankian - Vocals, Keys


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