Monuments Collapse

Post Metal/Crust/Downtempo

Open Mind / Saturated Brain: MONUMENTS COLLAPSE

Here is a very nice write-up from Zegema Beach Records. Thanks so much!!

A hunger rarely sated, by Anopheli

Here is a new project with members of Monuments Collapse, Lightbearer and No Babies. Melodic crust for fans of Remains of the Day, Madame Germen, and Ekkaia. We're super stoked to be part of this. It's the first ep, available for stream on bandcamp and pay what you want for download. Soon to be release on LP by Alerta Antifascista Records (official). 5 track album


Thank you Mattia for the new review of our split with Bréag Naofa on Metalitalia! Also, we will have our songs streaming on bandcamp by next week, as well as on another site that we're stoked on. Sorry for the delay, but it'll be over soon.. La recensione dello split tra BREAG NAOFA e MONUMENTS COLLAPSE: "Ampi e sontuosi paesaggi postcore/sludge metal per le due giovani e talentuose band americane".

Very stoked on the Aquarius review of our new split with Bréag Naofa. Here's what they said about our side:

"Brand new split from local heavies Monuments Collapse, whose debut lp was a big hit around here, fusing Neurosis / Isis style post metal heaviness, with brooding psychedelic slowcore a la True Widow. Their half of this new split finds them in equally fine form, opening with a gorgeous bit of psych folk ambience, before launching into some epic, majestic, crushing heaviness, all throat shredding howl, and blown out, lumbering doomic crush, but like that debut, MC's sound manages to remain rife with melody, the vibe melancholic, the sound laced with droned out, downtuned thrum, not to mention some extended space jam mesmer, chugging, churning, soaring metallic majesty. They close their side of the split with the 10+ minute "Pathos", that begins all meandering post rock drift, chiming melodies, subtle percussion, a stripped down rhythm, and thick, rumbling bass, totally tranced out and moody, the sound building slowly to some serious epic metallic mathiness, the sound blossoming into full on Godspeed style metallic epicry, that stretches out for the remainder of the track/side. So great. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on."



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