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we used to drive buses for a living. people seem to latch onto that.

Hey All, things are indeed beginning to stir once more for us. We got some gear back and heck we'll even probably announce a show pretty soon. For now, Warhen is unloading his copies of "The Yips". Go help him clear some space so he can put out more records. See y'all soon.

Breaking from our winter hibernation to tell you guys about something great Warhen and Bandcamp are doing!

If you haven't purchased"The Yips" yet, do so from Warhen today (2/3) and 100% of the proceeds go to the ACLU, even Warren's cut. Do something good and pick up some good music while you're at it.

Y'all take care of each other and grab a slice for us.

Daniel here, couple of announcements:

Good news first: Zak put out his Bruise Bath record today. It's good! https://bruisebath.bandcamp.com/album/bruise-bath I am proud to be Zak's friend for a lot of reasons, and this is one you can share. He is a phenomenally talented musician and he made a great record. Go check it out. This will probably be the only new music from the Left & Right family for some time. Which leads me to announcement two:

On Saturday Phil and I's basement flooded and we lost a lot (a lot) of our gear due to water damage. Amps, pedals, microphones, lots of other things. The jury is out on my two poor Marauders. Fingers crossed. We lost enough of what we need to play that we have to suspend doing shows until we get it all sorted out and save up our modest tips. We may reach out to one or two of you to let us borrow some things here and there, at least to practice, but for the time being everyone be patient with me as I gleefully ignore the band Facebook and e-mail. After all, who couldn't use a break from time to time? Thanks, we'll see you soon, dry those eyes now, it's okay.

Your buddy,

"It utterly baffles me that The Yips is not on every album of the year list ever created. Coming in as the heaviest album on my list (or, at least, quasi-heavy), The Yips is by far the most solid album, front-to-back, I listened to this year. Every goddamn song has a riff, feedback break, lyric, or funny quip to make you stop what you are doing and just appreciate the level of musicianship your ears are being treated to. If Jawbox and Torche eloped and got married irresponsibly (I enjoy personifying bands so I can hypothetically ship them), this would be their offspring. In fact, no, that’s not true at all. Comparing one band to another is reductive. The Yips is entirely it’s own thing. It’s salty, endearing, oddly sad, involved — it’s terrific. If you decide to listen to only one of the albums on my list, try this one."

Incredibly kind words from @getalternative! Y'all are gonna make us blush.

Charlottesvillians! It is last minute notice but our sweethearts in Kal Marks are playing magnolia house tonight. There isn't a reason not to go. Buy the ticket, take the ride. They're the best.

Philly, playing with these randos in Kal marks at all night diner on Wednesday. Can't wait, see ya there.

Not too many more chances to see us on this tour!

9/22 Chattanooga @ JJ's Bohemia
9/23 Nashville @ The End
9/25 Cincinnati @ MOTR
9/26 Chicago @ Burlington Bar
9/27 Kent @ Michel's
9/28 hopefully Pittsburgh if the guys from denzell can pull off a miracle
9/29 Lancaster @ Lizard Lounge - Chameleon Club
10/1 Brooklyn @ Brooklyn Bazaar with Charly Bliss

Come out, hang out, rock out, and buy a copy of The Yips

PREMIERE: Left & Right wrestle with heavy things on The Yips


Stream the album! http://thekey.xpn.org/2016/09/13/premiere-left-and-right-the-yips/#more-206969. Tour starts today come n see us.

thekey.xpn.org Local outfit Left & Right will release The Yips on September 16th via WarHen Records, accompanied by a release show at Everybody Hits that night.

Just a reminder, (part of) America! We'll be heading your way (well, for some of you) soon! Check the tour dates below!

09/10 Wilmington, DE @ 1984 w/ Gozer
09/13 Belchertown, MA @ Cold Spring Hollow w/ Kindling & Blessed State
09/15 Providence, RI @ Dusk w/ Math the Band, Snowplows and Gertrude Atherton
09/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits (Album Release) w/ Sneeze, Friendship & Horsecops
09/17 Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar
09/18 Harrisonburg, VA @ Golden Pony
09/20 Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light
09/22 Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia
09/23 Nashville, TN @ The End
09/25 Cincinnati, OH @ Motr Pub
09/26 Chicago, IL @ Burlington
09/27 Kent, OH
09/28 Pittsburgh, PA
09/29 Lancaster, PA @ Single File
09/30 Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD
10/01 Brooklyn, NY

I'm also going to use this post to tell everyone that this is going to be Zak's last tour with us. Touring is hard, we've been in this band for a long time and the music industry is basically one kick to the gut after another, so ZK is moving on to the next phase in his life. We've known about this change for a while, we're all still buds, and the rest of us are going to keep on keepin' on, so don't worry.

I could never have dreamed of all the adventures we ended up having after he wanted to move away and become more serious about music; we never would have ended up in Philly, never gotten to see so much of the country in such a short amount of time, never gotten to play with so many incredible bands or meet so many wonderful and generous people. Hell, I would never have met my wife if Zak hadn't wanted something more from music. I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell y'all that he's a great friend, an incredible musician (be sure to check out his other band Bruise Bath around town) and I'm definitely going to miss hearing him cackle in the backseat of the van while he listens to Car Talk. Make sure you come out to these shows if you wanna bid him farewell, and we'll see you soon!

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