Washington, DC Hip-Hop artist Nadiel's debut album "Identity Crisis" is out now, download it here:

The same artist responsible for CamGotHits-produced “Welcome To America,” a lyrically dense battle rap-style ode to America’s modern societal woes, is also known for ribald and hook-driven live crowd-pleaser “Sex With My Ex.” Couple that with 24-year old Nadiel’s Eminem fandom and legitimate medical diagnoses of clinical depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, panic attacks, anxiety disorder, dyslexia, executive functioning disorder and seasonal affective disorder, and it would seem as if the Amherst, Massachusetts-born and Washington, DC-based rapper was digging into a very well-won biographical expectation. However, with just under a half-decade under his belt, he’s on the cusp of emerging past being painted in a corner and discovering his best artistic and lyrical self.

“I have to earn a living, and music is foremost a business. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t want to be respected, and considered to be one of the most commercially successful artists in the industry. I want to be true to myself and make music that is not just fun, but sometimes has a social message. Most importantly, I want my music to always connect with the listener.”

“I had no idea what I was doing. I was in Boston, and it was pretty embarrassing,” notes Nadiel about his first foray into the studio nearly a half-decade ago. The rapper born Dan Levy intriguingly claims Shel SIlverstein’s whimsical poetry collection Where The Sidewalk Ends as his first introduction to poetry and rhyme structures, but now claims a number of professional inspirations.

As far as the numerous other pieces of putting together a solid resume, he’s claimed a litany of nationally well-regarded professionals currently calling the Nation’s Capital home as key influences. This list includes the House Studios team including Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Yudu Gray, pop-aimed and commercially-successful producer/songwriter Chris “Von Pimpenstein” Carter, as well as names including stalwart DC independent emcees Phil Ade, Nature Boi, Brain Rapp, Ardamus, and more.

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