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Isis was a band from 1997-2010. This page lives on to share the members' ongoing projects. Webstore:

Peer Pleasure Podcast Ep 33 - Aaron Turner (ISIS/SUMAC)

New interview/podcast with A. Turner/ex-ISIS: Pleasure Seekers this is a mammoth episode with one of the heaviest forces in heavy music today. Mr. Aaron Turner from my favorite band of all time, ISIS, and now SUMAC, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer and th

Premiere: Thalassa - Bonds of Prosperity

Album stream from THALASSA (A. Turner/ex-ISIS and William Fowler Collins) - up today via Tiny Mix Tapes. "Bonds of Prosperity" released officially tomorrow 5/19 via SIGE Records. Thank you. “… after so many millions of nights without sleep, without purpose, without self-deception.” The sea still has the benefit of being beyond cliche. Anyone who has faced the ocean has felt it’s timeless duration; anyone who has waded out into the water has stopped just as it drops off into forever. Th...

Final two shows of the SUMAC (ex-ISIS) European tour - tonight and tomorrow.... Thank you.

05/05 - BERLIN, DE
06/05 - COPENHAGEN, DK (A Colossal Weekend Fest)

(Photo - Nick Sayers)

SUMAC (ex-ISIS) will perform in Denmark at A Colossal Weekend 2017 - VEGA, along side OXBOW, Emma Ruth Rundle, etc, this coming Saturday, May 6. Thank you.

SUMAC (A. Turner/ex-ISIS) begins their European tour with OXBOW in 2 days. Dates below. Thank you.


20/04 - PRAGUE, CZ
21/04 - LEIPZIG, DE
23/04 - TILBURG, NL
24/04 - BRUSSELS, BE
25/04 - LONDON, UK
26/04 - LEEDS, UK
27/04 - BRIGHTON, UK
28/04 - PARIS, FR
29/04 - CREIL, FR
01/05 - MILAN, IT
02/05 - RAVENNA, IT
03/05 - LAUSANNE, CH
04/05 - MUNICH, DE
05/05 - BERLIN, DE

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SUMAC tour trailer
ISIS 20 Minutes/ 40 Years. Directed by Matthew Santoro
ISIS - "Holy Tears"

Band Members

Jeff Caxide
Michael Gallagher
Aaron Harris
Bryant Clifford Meyer
Aaron Turner


Current Location

Record Label

Ipecac Recordings (USA), Conspiracy Records (EU), Daymare Recordings (Japan)

Booking Agent

Robby Fraser, William Morris Agency
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