Cardi B

Cardi B

Cardi B. is an VH1, MTV2, instagram personality that is known for comedy and uncensored conversations.

Belcalis “CARDI B” Almanzar

Break. The. Internet…

What began simply as a journey of self expression, quickly catapulted Bronx native, Belcalis "Cardi B" Almanzar into social media stardom.

When Cardi B launched her official Instagram page @iamcardib which now boasts well over 780,000 followers, it was unbeknownst to her that sharing 15 second "tirades" with a comedic twist about real life situations would impact her life so drastically. Cardi B was merely sharing her perspective of the world, through her eyes and point of view. Her delivery is raw and it is real!

Cardi B's rambunctious spirit and brave tongue garnered instant online popularity, rapidly and consistently increasing her fanbase. Playful with a sassy edge, Cardi B stands firmly on the motto “be yourself” because there will always be critics. The fiery Latina became highly sought after, getting booked to host at the top venues in New York City and the tri-state area. In late 2014, Cardi B signed with KSR Group, LLC, a NY based full service management, branding and booking agency.

After five years in the adult entertainment industry performing as an exotic dancer, Cardi B is now ready to write the next chapter in the storybook of her life. She is eager to expand her brand with business in both the beauty and technology industries. This fall the aspiring entrepreneur will unveil her multi color eyeshadow line, Selfish and the "Cardi B" in Charge, portable charging station.

Colorful. Opinionated. Controversial. There are a barrage of words that can be used to describe the Instagram sensation Cardi B. One thing's for certain, she is ORIGINAL and truly UNFORGETTABLE , and that’s “Wash Poppin!”

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