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Travis here.
I am singing the album "Cure For Pain" by Morphine in its entirety, with backing band, at the knitting factory, in Williamsburg, NY, TONIGHT. Other singers are doing "first band on the moon" (cardigans) and "in the aeroplane over the sea" (neutral milk hotel.) Should be cool! Come on out...

Eric again - I remember watching the 1999 Women's World Cup Final, we were late for a wedding, it went to overtime, then penalties, which made us even later, and later. Luckily this time I was watching with my family, running back and forth from the grill as Carli Lloyd just couldn't stop scoring. Congrats #USWNT, let's do it again in 2019!

Unpredictability meets consistency when U.S. take on Germany

Eric here: The good news is that the #USWNT has been getting better every game, the bad news is that Germany is a blender of talent. I think our defense holds firm--we got this. There's a huge wild card in this Women's World Cup semifinal between the U.S. and Germany on Tuesday. They wear the Stars and Stripes.

"Cure For Pain" by Morphine feat... at Knitting Factory on Friday, Jul 10, 2015 9:00...

Hey it's Travis.
On Friday, July 10, at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, I am singing Morphine's classic 1993 album "Cure For Pain" in its entirety.
It is part of the three-day "Recovered" mini-fest.
Also on the bill that night is "First Band On The Moon" by The Cardigans, sung by Emily Brodsky, and Neutral Milk Hotel's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" sung by Dan Neustadt.
Tickets are $10 and are available here.
I am very excited about this. "Cure For Pain" is an amazing album. Very early in the Plan's existence, we actually covered the song "Cure For Pain."
Now I just have to work on realizing an actual dream I actually had of doing a set of Nick Drake songs with Vijay Iyer.
Anyways, hope to see you there. KNITTING FACTORY BROOKLYN PRESENTS RECOVERED - THREE NIGHTS OF BANDS COVERING CLASSIC ALBUMS IN THEIR ENTIRETY. JULY 9TH MARCO BENEVENTO performing "Hunky Dory" by David Bowie THE PRIMATE FIASCO performing "Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles JULY 10TH "Cure For Pain" by Morphine featuring TRAVIS M…

Travis here.
Today I was going to throw out a very old book. I opened it and found that I wrote "the jitters" on the inside cover.
How about that?

The 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years (1985-2014) | SPIN - Page 5

Must be a lot of office fights putting something like this together, but thanks to SPIN for putting us at #26. I have to say I would have put "Urban Hang Suite" and "Rated R" in the Top 50 instead of the 200s...but that's a longer discussion. What'd you see in the 200s that should've been Top 50? - Eric SPIN hit a milestone this year: Our 30th birthday. To celebrate, we caught up with some of the artists behind our past picks for Album of the Year, held a readers' poll, reminisced with former staffers, and now, we've ranked the 300 best albums of the past 30 years. Drawing on ballots from more than…

Dismemberment Plan Songs Taylor Swift Should Cover on Her 1989 Tour, Ranked

Eric here - we saw that Gawker wanted Taylor Swift to cover one of our songs on her 1989 tour, and this is only fair since we co-opted "Shake it Off" more than a few times on stage. I think we should take it one step further and do a split 7" with her, covering each other's songs. Thoughts on who covers what? (assuming "Shake it Off" is off the table) - On the surface, Washington D.C. indie rock band The Dismemberment Plan and Wyomissing, Pennsylvania pop singer Taylor Swift, who just kicked off her 1989 world tour in Japan, have little in common, just kidding. They have a lot in common on the surface: they’re very white, cute, non-threatening, and…

#58 - Travis Morrison of The Dismemberment Plan

Hi Plan People, it's Travis. I was asked to appear on a sex/comedy podcast called Menage a Trois radio last week. It comes out of the UCB thing here in New York. It was really fun. I inadvertently revealed which Downton Abbey character I have the hots for (hint: not Carson) and they got me kind of drunk. It was fun. Hope you enjoy it. Tape down that boner for what! The lovers scooped indie rocker Mr. Travis Morrison into their pants

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