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I am Yohska an Electronic Music Producer,

I started taking piano lessons at age 6 and sucked at it, I had about 3 different piano teachers until age 11 after they all gave up on me and said I was a "lost cause" lol. since then I tried violin(sucked/failed) cello (sucked/failed) until I called quits at 13 and started playing Guitar and had a passion for it but I still sucked for a very long time, but I kept practicing despite the negative feedback I kept receiving. eventually I started to improve and then moved on to making MIDI/synths when I was 15 and started making electronic tracks since then but they also sucked and sounded weird. I have been doing this about ten years now and here I am today making electronic dubstep. lol weird and pointless story of my past

I have been creating music since I was a kid and now I am 26 and spend most my free time making Electronic music. I have an AAA in Audio Engineering/Music Production from The Art Institute of Seattle and am close to finishing my B.S. as well. I keep practicing and always try to improve my self. Never stop practicing!


I am making an announcement that this will no longer be my main page, if you want to get updates from me I will be under my other page Yohska, www.facebook.com/yohskaoffical. this will always be the page where it all started and I thank everyone that has stood by and listened to my tracks! thank you! I will change the name of this page to Yohska Extra's. Rock out everyone!

I am Electronic music producer from Seattle Washington, Born in Vienna Austria

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Yohska - Left Alone
This Villain In The Mirror by Yohska
Bereaved Wasp by Yohska
Yohska - Once Again (Feat. Ayesha Ubayatilaka)
Yohska - Constrained

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Yusuf Adzhiyev


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